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SSC CGL mock test SET 1

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Hi students, Welcome to ! At we have started a new SSC CGL FREE mock test series where we will cover SSC CGL previous year questions, SSC CGL model sample questions answers.

Our SSC CGL Mock test series will definitely help you to score more marks in SSC CGL exams. This is the SSC CGL Mock test SET#1.

SSC CGL Mock Test SET#1 

Free SSC CGL Mock Test - Reasoning, General Intelligence

1. Select the related word pair

Power:Watt :: ? : ?

a. Pressure:Newton
b. Force:Pascal
c. Resistance:Mho
d. Work:Joule

Ans. d

2. Select the related letters from the options and fill the question(?) mark



Ans. b

3. Select the related numbers from the options and fill the question(?) mark

101:10201 :: 107:?

a. 11407
b. 10707
c. 10749
d. 11449

Ans. d

4. Select the odd from the given options

a. Snake
b. Lion
c. Tiger
d. Leopard

Ans. a

5. Select the odd letters from the options

a. NPR
b. FHJ
c. TVW
d. KMO

Ans. c

6. Select the odd number from the following options

a. 53
b. 59
c. 61
d. 69

Ans. d

7. Arrange the following words in sequence as they appear in the dictionary 

1. Roster, 2. Ropped, 3. Roller, 4. Road, 5. Roasted

a. 45321
b. 35412
c. 12345
d. 13425

Ans. a

8. Select the correct alternative from the given options and fill the question mark (?)


a. DFI
b. EFI
c. EGI
d. EFG

Ans. b

9. From the following options choose the missing number and fill the question mark

2, 5, 12, 27, ?

a. 53
b. 58
c. 57
d. 51

Ans. b

10. If P3Q means P is daughter of Q; P5Q means P is father of Q; P7Q means P is mother of Q, and P9Q means P is sister of Q; then how is J related to K in 'J 3 L 9 N 3 O 5 K'

a. Mother
b. Wife
c. Niece
d. Daughter

Ans. c

11. Sunita got engaged 10 years ago. Sunita's present age is 5/3 of her age at the time of engagement. If the present age of Sunita's mother is twice that of present age of Sunita, then what was her mother's age at the time of her engagement.

a. 50 years
b. 40 years
c. 60 years
d. 30 years

Ans. b

12. There is a word 'Suspensefulness'. Now from the below options find out the word which can not be formed using the letters of given word 'Suspensefulness'.

a. Sense
b. Useful
c. Fullness
d. Fuels

Ans. c

13. In a certain code language BAD is written as 7 and SAP is written as 9. How is BAN written in that code language?

a. 3
b. 8
c. 4
d. 6

Ans. b

14. In the following question, correct the equation by interchanging two signs from the options

9 x 3 + 8 ÷ 4 - 7 = 28

a. x and -
b. + and -
c. ÷ and +
d. x and ÷

Ans. d

15. If 4 * 5 % 3 = 8000 and 2 * 3 % 2 = 36, then find

4 * 3 % 3 = ?

a. 1728
b. 432
c. 144
d. 36

Ans. a

16. In the below image choose the appropriate options from the following which will fit in place of question mark (?)

ssc cgl mock test SET 1 - reasoning 02092019
a. 43
b. 59
c. 71
d. 49

Ans. c

17. Look at the below image and find out how many pens are blue?

ssc cgl mock test SET 1 - reasoning 030920192

a. 12
b. 15
c. 23
d. 19

Ans. c

Free SSC CGL Mock Test - SSC CGL General awareness, GK

1. The concept ‘Sarvodaya’ is founded by

a. Vinobha bhave

b. Mahatma gandhi

c. K G Mushroowala

d. Jai prakash narayan

Ans. b

2. The directive principles of state policy are in which part of the Indian constitution

a. Part III

b. Part IV

c. Part V

Ans. b

Related question previously asked in SSC CGL exam -

Q. The directive principles of the state policy are borrowed from which country’s constitution 

Ans. Ireland/Irish constitution

3. Which wood is used to make cricket bats

Ans. Salix purpurea 

4. Novel ‘The Guide’ written by

a. Chetan bhagat

b. RK Narayana

c. Arundhati roy

Ans. b

5. What is Protanopia disease related to

a. Heart

b. Eyes

c. Ears

d. Liver

Ans. b

> Its a type of colour blindness for red colour

6. A hybrid computer is a combination of

a. Super and micro computers

b. Analog and digital computers

c. Super and mini computers

d. Mini and micro computers

Ans. b

7. Tritium is an isotope of 

a. Hydrogen

b. Oxygen

c. Nitrogen

d. Phosphorous

Ans. a

> Its a radioactive isotope of Hydrogen

8. Which sikh guru laid the foundation of Amritsar

a. Guru Arjun dev

b. Guru Ram das

c. Guru Har govind

Ans. b

9. Which of the following monument is called ‘The national monument of India’

a. India gate

b. Gate of India

c. Raj ghat

d. Red fort

Ans. a

> Also known as All India war memorial [India gate is in Delhi]

Mock test for SSC CGL – Static GK

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10. Manchester of South India

a. Coimbatore

b. Salem

c. Thanjavur

d. Madurai

Ans. a

> also called pump city

> due to its cotton production and textile industries it is called Manchester of south India

11. Galvanometer is used to measure

Ans. Electric current

12. Ammeter is used to measure

Ans. flow of electric charge or direct current

13. Voltmeter is used to measure

Ans. Potential difference between two points or the voltage

14. Which planet is known as Earth’s sister planet

a. Mars

b. Venus

c. Jupiter

d. Pluto

Ans. b

> Due to similar size and mass it is called as earth’s sister planet

15. Where is Pong Dam located

a. GOA

b. Himachal pradesh

c. Gujarat

d. Maharashtra 

Ans. b

> on Beas river

SSC CGL mock test free online – World and India GK

16. World’s first woman to head a government

a. Annie basant

b. Pratibha singh devi patil

c. Sarojini naidu

d. Sirimavo Bandaranaike

Ans. d

> She served as PM of Sri Lanka three times [year 1960]

17. Where is the “central potato research institute” located

a. Gujarat

b. WB

c. Uttar pradesh

d. Shimla

Ans. d

18. Largest Cashew nuts producing state in India is

a. HP

b. Kerala

c. J&K

Ans. b

19. Dandi march started in the year

a. 1932

b. 1930

c. 1933

Ans. b

> 12 march to 6 april; 1930

Free mock test for SSC CGL – General science

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20. Cornea is a part of which human organ

a. Kidney

b. Liver

c. Intestine

d. Eye

e. Ear

Ans. d

21. Normal blood cholesterol levels in human beings [for 100 ml of blood]

a. 100 to 150 mg

b. 90 to 40 mg

c. 150 to 190 mg

Ans. a

22. Largest temple in the world

a. Angkor wat

b. Tirupati

c. Kamakhya

d. Akshar dham

Ans. a

> It is in Cambodia

23. World’s largest supplier of Silk

a. UK

b. India

c. China

d. Brazil

Ans. c

24. Highest water fall in India

a. Jog

b. Dudh sagar

c. Kune falls

d. Nohkalikai

Ans. a

> It is in Karnataka

25. Which is the highest water fall in India

Rank wise highest 5 water falls in India

1. Jog falls – Karnataka

2. Dudh sagar – GOA

3. Nohkalikai – Meghalaya

4. Jang falls – Arunachal pradesh

5. Kune falls – Maharastra

26. Metal used in space crafts to withstand high temperatures

a. Ni

b. Fe

c. Pb

d. Ti

Ans. d

> Ti = Titanium

> Very important question for SSC CGL

27. National youth day

a. 12 Jan

b. 9 Jan

c. 15 Jan

d. 18 Jan

Ans. a

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