RRB Question Paper - Previously asked Railway GK Questions - SET 1

RRB Question Paper - Here we will discuss some Previous Railways RRB Questions answers which were asked in previous RRB Group D, RRB ALP and RRB NTPC exams.
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RRB Question paper - Previous asked Railway GK Questions answers - SET 1

RRB Question Paper - Railway GK questions asked in previous NTPC exam

Linux is a type of - Operating system
The chairman of UPSC is appointed by - President
Mahatma gandhi started the Salt satyagrah from - Sabarmati ashram, Ahmedabad
The Meenakshi temple situated - Tamil nadu
Mohiniyattam dance belongs - Kerala
The Losoong festival celebrated - Sikkim
1 TB is equal to - 1024 GB
The first Indian Lunar satellite - Chandrayaan S1
The world Lion day is celebrated - 10th August
The national aquatic animal of India - River Dolphin
The Hornbill festival is celebrated in - Nagaland
The 'copy' shortcut command in MS Word - ctrl+c
Henri Becquerel is related to - Radioactivity
Wildlife institute of India located - Dehradun
Bhagoria festival is celebrated - Madhya pradesh
The other name of Vinegar - Acetic acid
Rann utsav is celebrated - Gujarat
Kud dance is celebrated - Kashmir
Where is National rail museum - Delhi
Largest hybrid airship "Airlander 10" manufactured in - UK
Minimum age required to vote in India - 18 yrs
Palace on wheel is a - Luxury train of India
Supreme court established in the year - 1950
The sahitya academy award in given on the field of - Literature
Manipur capital - Imphal
Where is Raja ram park - Kolhapur
Curd consists of which acid - Lactic acid
Where is Rajaji national park - Uttarakhand
Dronacharya award is related to - Sports
National sports academy - Patiala
The channel which separates Andaman from Nicobar island - 10 Degree channel
Saha institute of Nuclear physics situated - Kolkata
Regur soil is also called - Black soil

RRB Question paper > Abbreviations asked in previous RRB Railways NTPC Exam in different Shifts -

NSDA = national skill development agency
ASI = Archaeological survey of India
FIFA = federation internationale de football association
JNNSM = jawaharlal nehru national solar mission
WJFAC = water jet fast attack craft
EDFC = eastern dedicated freight corridor
TPREL = tata power renewable energy Ltd

Previous RRB Question paper > Important dates and days asked in previous RRB Group D, RRB ALP and RRB NTPC exam in different Shifts -

National authors day - 1st November
International radiology day - 8th November
Transport day - 10 November
World diabetes day - 14 november
Children day - 14 november
World legal service day - 9 November
World Philosophy day - 17 November

Previous RRB Question paper > New Appointment Questions asked in previous Railways RRB Exam in different Shifts -

* Who has been appointed as Ambassador to United Arab Emirates - Navdeep Suri
* Who has been appointed as Ambassador of India to UN Conference - Amandeep singh gill
* Who has been appointed as DSP in Haryana Police - Geeta phogat (Olympic wrestler)
* Who has been appointed as President of NCLT (national company law tribunal) - M.M. Kumar
* Who has been appointed as Chief of ED (enforcement directorate) - Karnal singh (senior IPS officer)
* Who has been appointed as brand ambassador of Swachh rail mission - Bindheswar pathak
* Who has been appointed as the chairman of CBDT (central board of direct taxes) - Sushil chandra
* Who has been appointed as executive director of RBI (reserve bank of India) - M Rajeshwar rao

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