English for Competitive Exams - Practice Set 1 (Error spotting, Synonyms, One word)

English for Competitive exams - Welcome to Anicow.com educational portal. Today we will cover English questions answers Practice Set. Here in this article we will cover topics like -
  • Spotting errors, error detection
  • Vocabulary, grammar correction
  • Synonyms practice set
  • One word substitution
  • Antonyms practice set

Find out which part has error (Spot the error) -

Q. The author mentioned that [1]
there were many people [2]
who were deprived of [3]
the minimum basic facilities [4]
No error [5]
Ans. 5
Q. One of the greatest contribution [1]
to social reform [2]
was his movement for [3]
eradication of child marriage [4]
Ans. 1
Q. The government decided to [1]
write of the debts [2]
of the farmers who were [3]
below the poverty line [4]
Ans. 2
Q. Had the train services been normal [1]
I would have reached [2]
the place quite well [3]
ahead of the scheduled time [4]
Ans. 3
Q. Having his breakfast finish [1]
he rushed quickly [2]
to the station to receive [3]
the honorable guests [4]
Ans. 1

Replace the Bold words with the appropriate correct option, to make the sentence grammatically correct -

Q. It is obliged to me to concur with the view expressed by you in your article
a. obligatory for
b. obliged for
c. too obliged
d. no correction is required
Ans. a
Q. What matters most is one's behavior with others
a. what is most matter
b. what does matter most is
c. what should most matter is
d. no correction is required
Ans. d
Q. How one earns money is more important than how much he earned
a. one earned
b. he should have earned
c. one earns
d. no correction required
Ans. c
Q. Any body would like assist you for improvement in the work
a. like assist to you
b. like to assist you
c. you like assist
d. no correction required
Ans. b

Find out he correct SYNONYM-

a. prove
b. hold on
c. removed
d. set up
Ans. d
a. consolation
b. order
c. amendment
d. assignment
Ans. b
a. prime
b. component
c. particle
d. persons
Ans. b
a. training
b. electricity
c. authority
d. drive
Ans. c

One word substitution List 1 -

1. Extreme fear of open spaces - Agoraphobia
2. A word formed from initial letters of several words - Acronym
3. Science of sound - Acoustics
4. Study of cause of disease - Aetiology
5. Instrument to measure altitude - Altimeter
6. Instrument to measure wind force - Anemometer
7. Places diametrically opposite to each other on the earth - Antipodes
8. Cultivation of trees and shrubs - Arboriculture
9. Instrument to measure atmospheric pressure - Barometer
10. Addicted to alcoholic drinks - Bibulous
11. Irreverence of religion - Blasphemy
12. Attendant of a golf player - Caddie
13. A person with good taste and judgement - Connoisseur

One word substitutions List 2 -

1. Person who hates marriage - Misogamist
2. Relating to spring - Vernal
3. An agreement to stop fighting - Armistice
4. Having more than one meaning - Ambiguous
5. Study of heavenly bodies - Cosmology
6. Murder of a whole group of people - Genocide
7. Murder of a foetus - Foeticide
8. A person fond of eating good food - Gourmet
9. Speech to oneself - Soliloquy
10. White woman with black/brown hair - Brunette

Now some English Antonyms questions for Practice (Answers at the end) -

Q.  AGREEMENT (a) dislocation  (b) discord  (c) turbulence  (d) fragmentation
Q. AGONY (a) pleasure (b) laughter (c) bliss (d) ecstasy
Q. RETICENT (a) forward  (b) developed (c) sophisticated (d) communicative
Q. PRECISE (a) indecent (b) vague (c) incorrect (d) indistinct
Q. CANDID (a) cunning (b) diplomatic (c) doubtful (d) impertinent
Q. APOCRYPHAL (a) authentic (b) dubious (c) unsubstantiated (d) fictitious
Q. REPEL (a) attend (b) concentrate (c) continue (d) attract
Q.  ARALUNG (a) shocking (b) consoling (c) scaring (d) horrifying
Q.  JEST (a) gravity (b) grim (c) genial (d) sport
Q.  CURTAIL (a) lengthen (b) shorten (c) entail (d) close
Q.  APPLAUD (a) praise (b) loud (c) censure (d) acclaim
Q.  JADE (a) defend (b) grasp (c) cheer (d) harass
Q.  APPRECIATION (a) appraisal (b) antipathy (c) admiration  (d) assessment
Q. PACIFY (a) threaten (b) challenge (c) quarrel (d) enrage
Q. APPARENT (a) ambiguous (b) clear (c) visible (d) conspicuous
Q. ATHEIST (a) rationalist (b) theologies (c) believer (d) ritualistic
Q. GIGANTIC (a) weak (b) fragile (c) slight (d) tiny
Q.  ILLICIT (a) liberal (b) intelligent (c) lawful (d) clear
Q.  CALLOUS (a) sensitive (b) soft (c) kind (d) generous
Q.  ENIGMATIC (a) simple (b) reticent (c) plain (d) nervous
Q.  ABUNDANT (a) short (b) limited (c) petty (d) meager
Q.  HARASS (a) reward (b) praise (c) flatter (d) relieve
Q.  CHARMING (a) insolent (b) indignant (c) repulsive (d) handicapped
Q.  GRUESOME (a) attractive (b) beneficial (c) gracious (d) amicable
Q. DESPISE (a) appease (b) flatter (c) admire (d) appreciate
Q. CUMBERSOME (a) heavy (b) convenient (c) smooth (d) automatic
Q. LOQUACIOUS (a) talkative (b) taciturn (c) diffident (d) bashful
Q. INTELLIGIBLE (a) dull (b) foolish (c) garbled (d) confused
Q. PHILANTHROPIST (a) philistine (b) moralist (c) spendthrift (d) miser
Q. ANXIOUS (a) fearful (b) worried (c) calm (d) concerned

Answers -

61 b 62 a 63 d 64 b 65 a 66 a 67 d 68 b 69 a 70 a 71 c 72 c 73 b 74 d 75 a 76 c 77 d 78 c 79 a 80 a 81 d 82 d 83 c 84 c 85 c 86 b 87 d 88 d 89 d 90 c
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