English for Competitive Exams - Part 1 - Error correction, Preposition, etc.

English for Competitive exams - Welcome to Anicow.com > One stop destination for competitive exams, govt jobs online preparation. In today's class we are going to discuss some English important questions and answers which were previously asked in Govt jobs, competitive exam.
Here we will discuss some important English topics for Competitive Exams like -
* Fill in the blanks
* Same meaning words
* Preposition
* Sentence rearrangement
* Nearest meaning words
* Error corrections

English for Competitive exams

Q. Choose the same meaning of the underline words
# The model's clothes were so bizarre that they created quite a sensation
a. Beautiful
b. Mundane
c. Grotesque
Ans. c
# The teacher gave us explicit instructions
a. Definable
b. Resolvable
c. Detailed
Ans. c
Q. Choose the correct alternative for the underline
# The boys were kept in after school
a. Punished
b. Confined
c. Rewarded
Ans. b
# In spite of all his brag he had to eat humble pie
a. Apologize
b. Surrender
c. Leave
Ans. a
# His observations were beside the point
a. Written in point form
b. Written beside his points
c. Not relevant
Ans. c

English for competitive exams (Meaningful sentence) -

Q. Choose the right option to make the sentence meaningful-
# A dissolute person is one who
a. Dishonest
b. Debauched
c. Dissimilar
Ans. b
# A female administrator will be called as
a. Administratrix
b. Administress
c. Administratoress
Ans. a
# Many camels together are called
a. String
b. Pack
c. Team
Ans. b
# A man having fish caching hobby
a. Fisherman
b. Angler
c. Fishmonger
d. Hunter
Ans. b
# That which is not permissible is
a. Evil
b. Wrong
c. Prohibited
Ans. c
# One who leaves his country for another is
a. Traitor
b. Refuge
c. Emigrant
Ans. c
# One who acquires a bad name is
a. Evil
b. Notorious
c. Infamous
Ans. b
Q. Choose the nearest meaning of the underline words -
# The chairman proceeded to speak in a dignified manner
a. Sarcastic
b. Loud
c. Elegant
Ans. c
# Compared with the earth many of the planets are bodies of immense size
a. Vast
b. Large
c. Big
d. Huge
Ans. a
# Please expand your commentary on the text
a. Amplify
b. Increase
c. Enlarge
Ans. a

English for competitive exams (Fill in the blanks) -

Q. Fill in the blanks with correct alternative -
# Don't count your chickens before they are ............
a. Eaten
b. Hatched
c. Cooked
Ans. b
# Don't judge a book by its .................
a. Contents
b. Cover
c. Author
Ans. b
# Deeds are better than ................
a. Actions
b. Words
c. Hopes
Ans. b

Choose the correct preposition from the following-

1. The peasant refused to grovel ............ the feet of his master
a. above
b. at
c. upon
d. by
Ans. b
2. It is dangerous to fall .......... the well
a. into
b. in
c. by
d. on
Ans. a
3. President Saddam has lived ............. his own all his life
a. for
b. on
c. by
d. with
Ans. c
4. Mother was anxious ......... the safety of her own
a. for
b. upon
c. about
d. with
Ans. c
5. The boy has never jumped ............
a. into
b. at
c. on
d. for
Ans. a

English for competitive exams (error correction) -

Find error in each sentence and choose the correct option -
Q. Suresh had occupying this house for over 25 years and has no intention of vacating it now
a. has been occupying
b. was to occupy
c. will occupy
d. is occupying
Ans. a
Q.  Mohan would have been looked smart in traditional clothes
a. would have looked
b. was looked
c. would be looked
d. had looking
Ans. a
Q.  Purchasing of this place now depends on they coming here

a. them coming
b. they come
c. their coming
d. theirs coming
Ans. c
Q.  Having had in the foreign services for a long time, Mr.Verma has met many prominent personalities
a. had he been
b. having been
c. he has been
d. having
Ans. b
Q.  I told him clearly that he had not ought to do that to me
a. ought not has done
b. has not ought to do
c. ought not have done
d. ought not done
Ans. c

Find the meaning of the Bold words in the question and choose the correct option -

Q.  My brother bids fair to be an excellent painter
a. seems likely
b. seems unlikely
c. is ambitious
d. is confident
Ans. a
Q.  In the fight he was beaten neck and crop
a. completely
b. softly
c. swiftly
d. profoundly
Ans. a
Q.  His rough behaviour would make him bite the dust
a. eat the dust
b. get killed
c. get humiliated
d. make a plan
Ans. b
Q.  No one, but his conscience advised him to come back to earth
a. return to reality
b. return to earth
c. behave in surmise
d. return to home
Ans. a
Q. We must try to let sleeping dogs lie
a. be generous
b. avoid bad company
c. avoid the sleeping dogs
d. avoid discussion of troublesome matters
Ans. d

Rearrange the jumbled sentences in proper order sequence to make them meaningful sentences (choose the correct option) -

# 1. He recognised it and streamlined the management
2. The process started at the top
3. He undoubtedly had the force of personality to impose painful measures
4. Within four years he had rescued the company
a. 2, 3, 4, 1
b. 3, 2, 1, 4
c. 3, 4, 1, 2
d. 2, 1, 4, 3
Ans. b
# 1. His mother was dead
2. They had not sent him the sad information
3. Probably they knew his deep love for her
4. When Gandhi returned to India his son Harilal was four
a. 4, 3, 1, 2
b. 4, 1, 4, 3
c. 4, 2, 1, 3
d. 4, 3, 2, 1
Ans. b
# 1. I will give you a copy of it
2. The book was published in New York
3. It is a very interesting book
4. It deals with mankind's political future
a. 2, 3, 1, 4
b. 3, 4, 2, 1
c. 2, 3, 4, 1
d. 3, 1, 2, 4
Ans. b

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