One Liner GK Questions Answers for Govt Job Exams & Competitive exams

One Liner GK Questions Answers for Govt Job Exams & Competitive exams

One liner GK Questions answers - Welcome to; where we discuss gk questions answers and current affairs. In the previous GK class we have discussed some important GK questions answers for competitive exam. You can read the class here - click here.

In today's GK class we will discuss some One Liner gk questions answers for govt job exams. So, let's start !

One Liner GK Questions Answers which are repeated in every exam

Where is the headquarters of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) - Bengaluru

What is the validity time of a bank cheque - 3 months

Where was the first Olympic games - Athens, Greece

When did the Shimla agreement took place - 1972

Jhelum is a triburary of which river - Indus

The human organ which removes nitrogenous compounds from the blood is - Kidney

Where is the rocket launch pad in India located - Satish dhawan space centre, Sriharikota

The study of soil is called - Pedology

The only Indian governor general - Rajagopalachari

The popular newspaper Kesari was founded by - Lokmanya bal gangadhar tilak

The first sermon of gautam buddha - Sarnath

Who is the founder of Goonj (a famous NGO) - Anshu gupta

To which sports is the Thomas cup related - Badminton

The study of liver is called - Hepatology

Saraswati samman is given in the field of - Prose or poetry literary works

The official language of Goa - Konkani

ICC old name - Imperial cricket conference

Where is the salar jung museum located - Hyderabad

The most intelligent mammal on earth - Dolphins

The normal temperature of human body in F - 98.6 degree F

The digestive acid found in human body - HCL

Who is also known as Flying sikh - Milkha singh

What is the old name of Allahabad - Prayag

Santosh trophy is related to which sports - Football

Pashupatinath temple is located in - Nepal

Where is Bhimbetka rock shelters - Madhya pradesh

Metal used for galvanising of iron - Zinc

Who is the first Indian women (boxer) who won gold in Asian games - Mary kom

Which organization organises the Cricket world cup - ICC (International cricket council)

The International renewable energy agency is situated - Abu dhabi

One Liner GK Questions Answers for sarkari naukri

Arjuna awards is given in which field - Sports

What is the full form of CT in CT Scan - Computed Tomography

What is the full form of MRI - Magnetic Resource Imaging

Who is the 1st women cosmonaut in the world - Valentina Tereshkova

Abhinav bindra is related to which sports - Shooting

Scientist who got Nobel prize for work on Malaria - Ronald Ross

The filament in bulb is made up of - Tungsten

The chemical formula of common salt - NaCl

Where is the Satish dhawan space center - Andhra pradesh

Jamini roy related to - Painting

The concept of Sampoorna kranti was given by - Jay prakash narayan

On which year the constitution of India was adopted by the constituent assembly - 26 Nov 1949

The founder of the book 'A passage to India' - E.M. Forster

Which is the first animal domesticated by the Neolithic people - Dog

The full form of NSA - National Security Agency

The gas filled in balloons - Helium

During emergency, the constitution amendment which was enacted by Indira gandhi - 42nd amendment

The jeevan raksha padak is presented by - Govt of India

When did the Poona pact was signed - 1932

SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India) was established in the year of - 1988

The age of universe is - 13.8 billion years

1st female muslim Prime minister in the world - Benazir bhutto

The gyanpith award is related to - Indian literature

Instrument used to measure current in a circuit - Ammeter

Largest moon of Pluto - Charon

Largest moon in solar system - Ganymede

Boxer Mary kom is from which state - Manipur

Indira point is located at - Andaman

The party founded by Subhash chandra bose - All India forward bloc

Which gas is found in Saturn planet - Helium, Hydrogen

When did the National science day is observed - 28 Feb

Name the first bank in India - Bank of Hindustan

The 2nd round table conference was held in the year - 1931

Full form of UNFCCC - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Who is the father of All india services - Sardar Vallabh bhai patel

What is the name of the operation to catch/kill Osama bin Laden - Operation Neptune spear

The home rule movement in India was started by - Annie besant

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