Computer General Knowledge Questions for Competitive exams

Computer General Knowledge Questions for Competitive exams

Computer General Knowledge – Welcome to ! Today in this class we will discuss Computer general knowledge for competitive exams. Here we will cover all the computer general awareness part from basic computer knowledge to advanced computer gk questions answers.

So, let’s start today’s class!!

Basic computer knowledge – Computer GK questions answers for exams

Monitor, mouse, keyboard connects with which unit in a computer – System unit

Handheld computers are also known as – PDA (personal digital assistants)

Computer peripheral devices examples – mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, scanner

In computer, what is peripheral devices – The devices which are connected to a computer but are not a core architecture part of a computer

Examples of core elements/parts in a computer – CPU, power supply, motherboard

Peripheral devices are of 3 types –

* Input devices – keyboard, mouse
* Output devices – printer, monitor
* Storage devices – flash drive/hard drive
* Other examples of Input devices asked in exams – Joysticks, digital cameras, scanners

Barcode reader is a output device which read and output printed barcodes in a computer

Other examples of output devices asked in exams – projector, speakers

ROM (Read only memory) –

* It can only read (can’t write)
* It is non-volatile (information in this memory stays when computer loses power)

RAM (random access memory) –

* It can be read and write
* Volatile memory (information stores in present time)
* Examples – floppy disk, CD-ROM, Hard disk
* SRAM: Static Random Access Memory
* DRAM: Dynamic Random Access Memory.

Computer GK questions asked in previous exams –

What is OCR – Optical character recognition

What is OMR – Optical mark reading

MIDI full form – (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)

Who is the father of computer – Charles babbage

Who is the father of modern computer – Alan turing

Who designed basic architecture of computer – John von Neumann

First computer programmer – Lady ada Lovelace

What is the first electronic Computer – ENIAC

What is the first computer for home users – IBN

Generation of computer – Important computer general knowledge

1st Generation (1940-1956)

* Vacuum tubes
* These require a large amount of electric current and are of very large in size

2nd Generation (1957-1962)

* Vacuum tubes replaced by Transistors in computer’s circuits
* They consumed less electric current and are of small size as compared to 1st generation computers

3rd Generation (1963-1972)

* Transistors got replaced by I.C. circuits
* Small in size as compared to 2nd generation

4th Generation

* LSI (large scale integration) technology used
* Examples – Apple II, STAR 1000

5th Generation

* They are based on AI (artificial intelligence) and real IQ programming
* Examples – IBM watson

Computer GK questions answers – Computer awareness

In microsoft Excel every sheet in a work book is displayed as – Tab

Ctrl + C is the shortkey of which command – Copy

Ctrl + S is the shortkey of which command – Save

Ctrl + Page up is the shortkey of – Previous sheet

A type of protocol which provides email facility between different hosts – SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

The full form of LAN – local area network

The other name of LAN – NIC (network interface controller)

The program used to check spelling in MS Word – Spell check

Program stored in ROM are – Firmware (set of instructions programmed in a hardware which provides necessary instructions on how a device communicates with other computer hardwares)

Ctrl + W is the shortkey of which command – Close datasheet view on a table

The memory which holds any program during computer work is processing – RAM (random access memory)

JAVA computer language developed by – Sun micro system

BASIC computer language developed by – John G Kemeny

When a program is installed in a computer, it typically added to – All programs

Compiler is an example of which type of software – System software

Command used to recreate a disk tracks – FORMAT

Which program transforms one interface to another – Software

Generally a computer uses which language to process data – Binary

MS Word, MS Excel, Photoshop are examples of – Application software

Blu-Ray technology developed by – SONY

CPU and memory are located in – Motherboard

Full form of WWW – World wide web

WWW made by – Tim Bernersli

Analytical engine made by – Charles babbage

Shortkey to detect grammar and spelling error in a document – F7 (key)

1 TB is how much GB – 1024

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