Static GK Questions Answers - Common for every Competitive exam

Static GK Questions Answers - Common for every Competitive exam

Static GK Questions Answers - Welcome to ! In today's class we will discuss some Static GK Questions Answers MCQs which are common for every competitive exam.

These static gk questions answers MCQs are collected from different subjects like general science, General awareness, Indian polity, Indian geography, History, etc.

Static gk questions answers MCQs

1. Chromosomes are made up of
a. Protein
b. DNA
c. RNA
d. DNA and Protein
Ans. b
2. Founder of the ‘Prarthana samaj’
a. Swami vivekananda
b. Dayananda saraswati
c. Athmaram panduranga
Ans. c
3. Which of the following rivers crosses equator 2 times
a. Nile river
b. Cango river
c. Amazon river
Ans. b
– Cango is the deepest river in the world
– It is also called Zaire river
4. Red colour of the red soil is due to
a. Humus
b. Iron
c. Nitrogen
Ans. b
5. Which soil is ideal for paddy cultivation
a. Alluvial soil
b. Laterite soil
c. Black soil
Ans. a
– they are suitable for paddy cultivation crops like rice, wheat, millets, pulses, maize, jute, etc
6. The southernmost point of India
a. Point calimere
b. Cape comorin
c. Port blair
d. Indira point
Ans. d
– Indira point is on great nicobar island
7. Which amendment is also called as mini constitution
a. 42nd amendment act
b. 44th amendment act
c. 7th amendment act
Ans. a
– enacted in 1976
– also called the constitution of Indira
8. Who among the following did not participate in 1857 revolt
a. Tantia tope
b. Tipu sultan
c. Rani laxmibai
d. Nana saheb
Ans. b
– also called tiger of mysore
– he was ruler of the mysore kingdom
9. Arrange the dynasties serially
a. Slave – Khiljis – Lodi
b. Slave – Khiljis – Tughlaq
c. Tughlaq – Khiljis  Lodi
Ans. b
10. Which language is not specified in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution
a. Sindhi
b. English
c. Nepali
d. Sanskrit
Ans. b
11. “Directive principles of the state policy shall not be enforceable by any court” – mentioned in which article of the Indian constitution
a. Article 31
b. Article 37
c. Article 36
d. Article 39
Ans. b
12. Find the headquarters of the following
a. Food and agricultural organisation > Rome, Italy
b. World trade organisation > Geneva, Switzerland
c. World health organisation > Geneva, Switzerland
d. World meteorological organisation > Geneva, Switzerland
13. Which european country has its own currency but not euro
a. France
b. Sweden
c. Spain
d. Germany
Ans. b
– its currency is swedish krona
14. Battle of plassey was between
Ans. Nawab siraj ud daulah and Robert clive
– Robert clive wins
15. From which country the river Brahmaputra does not pass
a. China
b. Bangladesh
c. India
d. Myanmar
Ans. d
16. Before becoming the President Ronald Regan was a
a. Film/TV star
b. Lawyer
c. Businessman
Ans. a
– Ronald regan was the 40th president of US
17. The parliamentary form of govt in India – this concept is adopted from where
a. Russia
b. American
c. British
Ans. c

Static GK questions and answers from Geography –

Earth rotates on its axis from

a. east to west
b. west to east
c. north to south
d. south to north
Ans. b

The largest animal in the world is

a. elephant
b. giraffe
c. orang utan
d. blue whale
Ans. d

The colour in the centre of Rainbow is

a. yellow
b. red
c. violet
d. green
Ans. d

Which of the following is the smallest state in India in terms of area

a. sikkim
b. goa
c. nagaland
d. tripura
Ans. b

The canal which connects Mediterranean sea to red sea

a. indira gandhi canal
b. erie canal
c. panama canal
d. suez canal
Ans. d

The Narmada river flows in

a. bay of bengal
b. red sea
c. arabian se
d. indian ocean
Ans. c

Which planet is called evening star and morning star

a. jupiter
b. earth
c. venus
d. mars
Ans. c

Static General studies in hindi – Common GS questions in hindi repeated in every competitive exams

चन्द्रमा तक पहुंचने वाला प्रथम अंतरिक्ष यान का नाम – ल्यूनिक II
चन्द्रमा पर सबसे पहले किस व्यक्ति ने कदम रखा – नील आर्मस्ट्रांग
समुद्री दुरी मापने का मात्रक क्या है – नॉटिकल मील
डॉ. सी. वी. रमन को नोबेल पुरस्कार से किस वर्ष सम्मानित किया गया था – 1930
ह्यड्रोलिक ब्रेक किसके नियम पर आधारित होता है – पास्कल के नियम पर
समुद्री जहाज की गति का मात्रक – नॉट
इंडियन इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ़ एस्ट्रोफिजिक्स कहाँ स्तिथ है – तमिलनाडु
राष्ट्रीय विज्ञानं दिवस कब मनाया जाता है – 28 February

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