SSC CGL 2018 Tier I - Questions asked in all shifts and all days

SSC CGL 2018 Tier I - Questions asked in all shifts and all days

SSC CGL 2018 Tier I Questions asked in all shifts - The SSC CGL exam is going on. Here we have collected all the SSC CGL 2018 Tier I questions asked in all shifts and all days.

The exam (SSC CGL 2018 Tier I) will be conducted from 4th June to 19th June 2019 on daily basis. There will be 3 shifts in each day.

So, here are the asked questions for the 2018 SSC CGL Tier I exam.

SSC CGL 2018 Tier I - Questions asked in all shifts

* 2018 special olympics games held in - Ans. Seattle, Washington

* Battle of Kanauj took place - Ans. 1540 May

* The highest lake of Pakistan - Ans. Rush lake

* 1st amendment in Indian constitution - Ans. 1951

* The SI unit of Magnetic field - Ans. Teslas

* Sri lanka national game - Ans. Volleyball

* The joint meeting of Parliament presided by - Ans. Speaker of Lok sabha

* Which dynasty ruled over Tripura - Ans. Manikya dynasty

* India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) launched by - Ans. Union environment, climate change and forest minister Dr. Harsh vardhan

* The book 'Two lives' authored by - Ans. Vikram seth

* Treaty of Mangalore - Ans. Signed between The british and Tipu sultan (in the year 1784)

* Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2019 held in - Ans. Ipoh, Malaysia

SSC CGL 2018 Tier I Questions asked 

* Biggest constellation is called - Ans. Hydra

* Hottest planet of Solar system - Ans. Venus

* Aligarh movement started - Ans. 1886

* Portugal conquest Goa in the year - Ans. 1510

* Instrument used to measure blood pressure - Ans. sphygmomanometer

* The IPL started in India - Ans. 2008

* Burma, Myanmar got independence - Ans. 1948, 4 Jan

* Catriona Gray Miss universe 2018 is from - Ans. Philippines

* Book 'The English teacher' authored by - R.K. Narayan

* Smallest bird in the world - Ans. Humming bird

* The easternmost point of India - Ans. Kibithu, Arunachal pradesh

* The Dartington hall designed by - Ans. William Lescaze

* Organ which is called as the chemical factory of Human body - Ans. Liver

* Acid used in ordinary battery - Ans. Sulfuric acid

* Battle of Swally - Ans. In the year 1612 (British defeated Portuguese)

* IPL 2018 won by - Ans. Chennai super kings

SSC CGL 2018 Tier I asked questions

* IPL 2019 won by - Ans. Mumbai indians

* Article 54 of Indian constitution related to - Ans. Election of President

* 2018 Jnanpith award - Ans. Amitav ghosh

* The number of Canine teeth in humans - Ans. Four

* Rowlatt act passed in the year - Ans. 1919

* ICC new CEO - Ans. Manu sawhney

* World water day observed on - Ans. 22 march

* Nearest star to the Sun - Ans. Proxima centauri

* Night blindness caused by which vitamin's deficiency - Ans. vitamin A

* The Belt of Orion also known as - Ans. Three sisters or Three kings

* Book 'History of sikh' authored by - Ans. Khushwant singh

* The national bird of Bhutan - Ans. Raven

* The Vijay Hazare trophy related to - Ans. Cricket

* The longest river in Pakistan - Ans. Indus river

* Chief minister who served the longest term in his office - Ans. Pawan kumar chamling

* The last ruler of Awadh - Ans. Wajid ali shah

* The national game of Bangladesh - Ans. Kabaddi

* The Havelock island  (Andaman) renamed to - Ans. Swaraj dweep

* UGC (University Grants Commission) established in the year - Ans. 1956

* The longest serving governor of India - Ans. Padmaja naidu

* To measure air pressure the instrument used is - Ans. Barometer

* Ancient name of Guwahati - Ans. Pragjyotishpura

* The Khadi and Village Industries Commission established in the year - Ans. 1956

* Smallest district in India (area wise) - Mahe, Puducherry

* Battle of Saragarhi - Ans. 1897, 12 Sept

SSC CGL 2018 Tier I asked questions

* Chepu is a cultural symbol of - Ans. Nepal

* Number of sessions in Lok sabha in a year - Ans. 3 sessions

* First Chief election commissioner of India - Ans. Sukumar sen

* The highest point in Sri lanka - Ans. Pidurutalagala Mountain

* 1ST Miss universe of India - Ans. Sushmita sen

* Under the Pradhan mantri Shram yogi mandhan pension yojana, the pension will be given at the age of - Ans. 60 years

* The sun's diameter is how much times of earth's diameter - Ans. 108

* Rickets caused by deficiency of - Ans. Vitamin D

* Jan dhan yojana started by - Ans. PM Narendra modi

* 1st Lokpal of India - Ans. Pinaki chandra ghose

* First female high court judge - Ans. Leila seth

* Gandhi-Irwin pact signed in the year - Ans. 1931, 5 March

* First Chief justice of Delhi high court - Ans. K.S. Hegde

* The director of BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) - Ans. Ajit kumar mohanty

* The pass which connects Tibet and India - Ans. Nathula pass

* Khajuraho temple located at - Chhatarpur, Madhya pradesh

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