Banking GK Questions and Answers - IBPS Banking General Awareness

Banking GK Questions and Answers - IBPS Banking General Awareness
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Banking GK Questions and Answers - Welcome to > one stop place for GK questions with answers. This is the PART 3 of Banking GK Questions and Answers.

Today in this class we are going to discuss some next level Banking GK Questions and answers which will help you to crack Bank exams.

Here we will discuss -

* GK Questions related to Banking awareness
* English section specially based on Banking exams
* Maths questions based on Banking exams
* General intelligence or Reasoning questions based on Banking exams

So, let's start!!

Banking GK - Banking general awareness (General knowledge for bank exams)

Q. Mullaperiyar dam is located in  ?
a. karnataka
b. maharashtra
c. andhra pradesh
d. kerela
e. tamil nadu
Ans. d

Q. Like the telephone/mobile number portability, there is a bank account number portability system. What it means ?
a. any account holder can withdraw cash from any other bank through his/her own cheques drawn on other bank without ATM
b. any borrower can draw funds from his/her loan account from any other bank also
c. the account number of any account holder will remain the same even if he/she is getting his/her account transferred to another bank also
d. bank customers would have the facility of mobile banks to withdraw cash nearby his/her place
Ans. c

Q. NRE deposit is
a. non resident external deposit
b. non resident extra deposit
c. non resident exchange deposit
d. non refundable external deposit
e. non resident extended deposit
Ans. a

Q. What is offshore banking ?
a. it is a bank located in the sea or island
b. it is a bank located in SEZ
c. it is a bank located in a neighbouring country
d. it is a bank located outside the country of residence of the depositor
e. offshore banking is basically dealing in foreign exchange
Ans. e

Q. Non convertible debentures are -
a. debt instruments which acquire equity status at the issuers options
b. debt instruments which acquire equity status at the investors options
c. debt instruments which acquire equity status with the permission of registrar of companies
d. debt instruments which acquire equity status on maturity
e. debt instruments which retain their debt character and cannot acquire equity status
Ans. e

Q. Who has written the book LAJJA
a. taslima nasreen
b. salman rushdie
c. sunil ganguli
d. rabindranath tagore
e. bimal mitra
Ans. a

Q. Which of the following options is not a salient feature of Debit cards ?
a. no bad debts to banks and no suits for recovery
b. no interest earning for banks
c. works like a normal withdrawal
d. can be used at ATM and POS
e. 45 days credit is given to the card holder
Ans. e

Q. Normally banks issues a letter to beneficiary on behalf of its constituents like guarantee for making payment on their behalf on fulfillment of its terms and conditions. This arrangement in banking context is ?
a. line of credit
b. loan to client
c. loan on credit
d. loan against credit
e. letter of credit
Ans. e

Q. When a bank provides a loan for purchase of white goods, it is categorized as
a. consumption loan
b. white goods loan
c. consumer durable loan
d. working capital
e. bridge loan

Ans. c

Banking GK Questions - Maths section

Now here are some maths questions based on Banking exam pattern - 

Solve the Numerical :-
Q. 148% of 13785 = ?
1) 20100
2) 20200
3) 20300
4) 20400
5) 20500
Ans. 4

Q. (1884% of 73) ÷ 25.05 = ?
1) 35
2) 45
3) 55
4) 65
5) 75
Ans. 3

Find the next number in the questions :-

Q. 840, 1112, 1322, 1478, 1588, ?
a. 1672
b. 1668
c. 1665
d. 1662
e. 1660
Ans. e

Q. 76, 588, 2316, 6412, 14412, ?
a. 28216
b. 28226
c. 28236
d. 28246
e. 28256
Ans. c

Q. 20, 100, 244, 452, 724, 1060, ?
a. 1450
b. 1460
c. 1470
d. 1480
e. 1490
Ans. b

Q. 4984, 4408, 3967, 3643, 3418, 3274, ?
a. 3193
b. 3183
c. 3173
d. 3163
e. 3153
Ans. a

Q. 1338, 2328, 3048, 3552, 3888, 4098, ?
a. 4332
b. 4223
c. 4218
d. 4232
e. 4323

Ans. c

Q. Study the following table and answer the questions given below. The below table shows the total number of candidates passed, appeared and selected in a competitive exam in different states from 2006 to 2011.

Q. What is the difference between the average number of students selected in State B and that in State D during the whole period?
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 9
e. 10
Ans. b

Q. In the year 2006, which state had the highest percentage candidates passed over the candidates appeared?
a. A
b. C
c. B
d. D
e. None of these
Ans. b

Q. The total number of students selected in State C is approximately  what percentage of the total number of students selected in State A?
a. 70%
b. 75%
c. 80%
d. 85%
e. 90%
Ans. b

Q. In which of the following years is the percentage of selected candidates with respect to passed candidates the highest in State D?
a. 2006
b. 2007
c. 2008
d. 2009
e. 2011

Ans. b

Q. The total candidates passed in State A in the year 2006 is what percentage more than the total candidates passed in State C in the year 2009?
a. 16%
b. 36%
c. 44.4%
d. 51%
e. 56%
Ans. e

Q. A person lent a certain sum of money at 8% simple interest, and in 8 years the interest amounted to `612 less than the sum lent. Find the sum lent.
a. Rs.1400
b. Rs.1500
c. Rs.1600
d. Rs.1700
e. Rs.1800
Ans. d

Solution > Let Principal= x
Then Interest= x-612 (as per question)
Rate given = 8%
Time given = 8%
We know, I = PxRxT / 100 (formula)
Now put all the values as per the formula
Ans. Rs.1700

Q. If the compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 15% is `193.50, what will be the simple interest at the same rate for the same period
a. Rs.150
b. Rs.160
c. Rs.180
d. Rs.172
e. Rs.175
Ans. c

Q. The circumference of a circular park is 968m. The park is surrounded on the outside by a road 2.8 m wide. What is the area of the road
a. 2640.12 sq m
b. 2735.04 sq m
c. 2831.6  sq m
d. 2942 sq m
e. None of these
Ans. b

Q. From a group of five males and six females, in how many ways can four be chosen to include exactly one female?
a. 210
b. 180
c. 120
d. 80
e. 60
Ans. e

Q. A bag contains 6 red, 7 blue and 8 green balls. Three balls are drawn randomly. What is the probability that the balls drawn contain exactly two blue balls?
a. 147/665
b. 518/665
c. 54/455
d. 44/455
e. 401/455
Ans. a

Q. The sum of the ages of A, B and C at present is 85 years. 10 years ago the ratio of their ages was 1: 3 : 7. The present age of C is what percentage of the present age of B
a. 55.55%
b. 80%
c. 120%
d. 180%
e. 300%
Ans. d

Q. 13 men and 12 women earn `11120 in 8 days. 9 men and 11 women earn `12840 in 12 days. In how many days will 8 men and 15 women earn `17400?
a. 12 days
b. 13 days
c. 14 days
d. 15 days
e. 16 days

Ans. d

Q. Two pipes can separately fill a tank in 10 hours and 40 hours respectively. Both the pipes are opened together to fill the tank, but when the tank is half-filled a leakage develops, through which
1/2 of the water supplied by both the pipes leaks out. What is the total time taken to fill the tank?
a. 8 hrs
b. 10 hrs
c. 12 hrs
d. 16 hrs
e. 18 hrs

Ans. c

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