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GK Questions Answers CLASS 1 - Harappan Indus Civilisation

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Here in this SET 1 we will discuss the Harappan Indus civilisation. So, let's start !!

GK Questions Answers – Indian History – Harappan Indus Civilisation

Important points and introduction

1. Oldest name – Indus civilisation (Indus valley civilisation)
2. Harappa is the 1st discovered site therefore also known as Harappan civilisation
3. The civilisation is also called as Indus-saraswati civilization (as 80% of settlement were done along Saraswati river)
4. At first the term ‘Indus civilization’ was used by John Marshall (he was a Scholar)
5. The indus civilisation belongs to Bronze age / Chalcolithic age
6. The civilization was spread to – Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra (northern part), Uttar pradesh (western part)
7. Different geographical parts of Indus civilization –
* North part – Ropar (Punjab), Manda (Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir)
* South part – Bhagatrav (Gujarat), Daimabad (Maharashtra)
* Eastern part – Alamgirpur (Uttar pradesh)
* Western part – Sutkagen dor (Pakistan-Iran border)
8. Important capital cities of Harappan indus civilisation – Mohenjodaro, Harappa
9. Important port cities during this period –
Lothal – Gujarat
Sutkagen dor – Pakistan Iran border
Allahdino – Karachi, Pakistan
Balakot – Pakistan
Kuntasi – Gujarat

Important sites of this period with their special characteristics which generally comes in exam

* This site was in Pakistan (then Punjab, Sahiwal district)
* This site was excavated by Daya ram sahni
# Harappa is the 1st discovered site of this civilisation
# It was excavated in the year 1921
# It was the major urban centre
# It was located on the bank of river Ravi
# Harappa was the meeting point of trade routes from the east during that period
Important findings of this civilisation which were asked in exam –
  • pottery
  • chert blades
  • copper, bronze implements
  • seals, sealing
  • two rows granaries with bricks
  • vanity case
  • evidence of coffin burial
  • copper bullock cart

History General Knowledge Notes for Mohenjodaro site –

* Near river Indus
* Located in Pakistan (Sindh, Larkana district)
* Excavated by Rakhal das bannerji
# Also called Mound of dead
# Excavated in the year 1922
# Also known as largest urban centre during that time
Important findings of this site –
  • great bath (6×12 meter with beautiful brick work)
  • hidden drains
  • unicorn seals
  • Bronze dancing girl
  • Seal of pashupati
  • statue of bearded priest
* This site was near the river Indus
* Located in Pakistan (Sindh, Nawabshah district)
# Situated 130 km south of Mohenjodaro
# Artisans lived near this site as proof of many artist works have been found here like toys, seals, various figurines
* Near river Bhogava
* Located in India (Gujarat, Ahmedabad)
# It was one of the popular coastal town in Indus valley civilization like Suktagendor and Balakot
# It has different types of town planning
# Important findings of this site –
  • Artificial dockyard
  • Sea link with Mesopotamia
  • Rice husk
  • Bead making factory

History General Knowledge Notes

# Also known as black bangles
# It was in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan
# Site was discovered by Luigi Pio Tessitori
# Site was later excavated by A.Ghosh
# There were no drainage system in Kalibangan
Important findings of this site –
  • fire altars
  • charging bull
  • tiled floor
  • bones of camels
  • circular and rectangular burials graves
# Located in Rann of Katchh, Gujarat
# Dholovira excavated in the 1990’s by R.S.Bisht with his team
# Important findings in Dholovira –
  • large reservoirs
  • drain system to collect water from house tops and city walls
# It was located on the bank of Dasht river (near Iran border)
# It was a coastal town
# Suktagendor was originally a port
# It had trade routes with Babylon
# It was excavated by Y.D. Sharma
# Located in Hissar, Haryana
# High quality Barley were found here
# Located in Uttar pradesh (Meerut)
# It was the easternmost boundary of Indus valley civilization
Important findings of this site –
  • plant fossils
  • animal bones
  • pottery
  • copper tools

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