SSC Stenographer Previous year Questions Answers | Syllabus, exam pattern

SSC Stenographer Previous year Questions Answers

SSC Stenographer Previous year Questions Answers :- Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs preparation. In today's class we are going to discuss SSC Stenographer exam syllabus and exam pattern with some SSC Stenographer Previous year Questions Answers.

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SSC Stenographer syllabus and exam pattern -

SSC Stenographer - Reasoning or General intelligence

* Discriminating observation
* Relationship concepts
* Arithmetic reasoning
* Verbal and Figure Classification
* Problem Solving
* Analysis
* Judgement
* Decision making
* Visual memory
* Arithmetical number series
* Non-verbal series 
* Abstract ideas and symbols
* Blood Relationship 
* arithmetic computation 
* analytical functions of symbols and abstract ideas
* Analogies
* Similarities and differences
* Space Visualization

SSC Stenographer - GK general awareness

* History – Indian Independence Movement, ancient history, Mughal Empire, Gautam buddha
Indian Politics, Indian constitution
* Geography – indian soil, agriculture crops, indian irrigation, Indian industry, etc.
* Scientific Research
* Art and Culture, dances, festivals
* World Economics, current events
* Awards and Honours, books authors
* Countries, Currencies, Capitals
* Indian Economy, GST, TAX
* New Government Schemes & Policies
* Current affairs > National & International
* Important Days & history Events
* Indian Neighboring countries, their boundary lines, Sports
* Science and Technology current discoveries, inventions

SSC Stenographer - English section

* Articles (a, an, the) and their uses in fill in the blanks
* Idioms and Phrases
* Parajumbles
* Phrase Replacement
* Comprehension Reading based questions
* Active and Passive Voice questions 
* Basic English Grammar and their sentence structure
* Parts of Speech related fill in the blanks questions
* Direct and Indirect Speech questions
* Fill in the Blanks on different patterns
* Cloze Test
* Sentence Correction or error correction

SSC Stenographer Previous questions answers (SET 1)

SSC Stenographer previous Q and A - General Intelligence part 

Q. In the following questions select the missing part in the question mark ?
33, 10, 43, 53, 96, ?

a. 150
b. 163
c. 171
d. 149

Ans. d

13, 24, 37, 61, 97, ?

a. 159
b. 163
c. 134
d. 172

Ans. a

9, 19, 37, 75, 149, ?

a. 297
b. 298
c. 300
d. 299

Ans. d

23, 11, 34, 45, 79, ?

a. 121
b. 124
c. 163
d. 169

Ans. b

AB, CD, EF, GH, ?

a. HJ
b. HK
c. IJ
d. JI

Ans. c


a. LQK
b. KQM
c. MQK
d. LMQ

Ans. d


a. PQN
b. NOP
c. SMR
d. MRS

Ans. d

Q. If you arrance these words as per a dictionary, then which one of them will come FIRST ?

a. Ankle
b. Anger
c. Antique
d. Aster

Ans. b

Q. If you arrance these words as per a dictionary, then which one of them will come LAST ?

a. onion
b. owl
c. omnious
d. ostrich
d. oxford

Ans. d

Q. Arrange the following as they occur in a dictionary -

1. Lively
2. Longer
3. Lasted
4. Lamp
5. Lost

a. 43125
b. 41325
c. 43152
d. 41352

Ans. a

Q. From the following find the Odd option out -

a. 9-90
b. 6-42
c. 5-30
d. 4-36

Ans. d

a. 3-28
b. 2-9
c. 5-124
d. 4-65

Ans. c

a. JLN
b. GIK
c. NPR
d. TVY

Ans. d


Ans. d

Q. Find the odd option out -

a. Hanger:Aeroplane
b. Yard:Train
c. Depot:Bus
d. Scooter:Garage

Ans. d

a. Room:House
b. Page:Book
c. Engine:car
d. Food:Hunger

Ans. d

Q. In the following question, select the odd word -

a. Petrol
b. Coal
c. Air
d. Natural gas

Ans. c

Q. Select the related number from the option and fill the question mark -
110 : 12100 :: 170 : ?

a. 2890
b. 28900
c. 18900
d. 36100

Ans. b

8 : 63 :: 9 : ?

a. 80
b. 81
c. 56
d. 32

Ans. a

236 : 4936 :: 724 : ?

a. 49416
b. 7416
c. 49164
d. 49464

Ans. a

Q. In the following questions, select the related letters from the given options -



Ans. a



Ans. a



Ans. b

Q. From the following questions, find the related word and choose the correct option -

Wallet : Money :: Almirah : ?

a. clothes
b. wood
c. steel
d. lock

Ans. a

East : West :: North-east : ?

a. South-east
b. South-west
c. North-west
d. South

Ans. b

Badminton : Shuttle :: Cricket : ?

a. dice
b. ball
c. striker
d. pitch

Ans. b

SSC Stenographer previous questions answers - General knowledge GK part 

Q. British company got the Diwani right of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa from Shah Alam II under which treaty ?

a. Treaty of Alinagar
b. Treaty of Awadh
c. Treaty of Allahabad
d. Treaty of Calcutta

Ans. c

Q. Blue revolution is related to ?

a. Agriculture
b. Bees
c. Indogo cultivation
d. Fishing

Ans. d

Q. The Mac Mohan line separates which 2 countries ?

a. India pakistan
b. India afganistan
c. India iran
d. India china

Ans. d

Q. Which controls the wind speed ?

a. rotation of earth
b. pressure of gradient
c. insolation
d. none 

Ans. b

Q. 'The gutenberg discontinuity' lies between which two earth's layers ?

a. the crust and the mantle
b. the upper and lower mantle
c. the mantle and the core
d. the inner and outer core

Ans. c

Q. Brain sends and receives signals in the form of ?

a. electrical impulses
b. chemical impulses
c. mechanical impulses
d. magnetic impulses

Ans. a

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