RRB Railway Group D Previous year Question paper - SET 2

RRB Railway Group D Previous year Question paper - SET 2

RRB Railway Group D Previous year Question paper - Welcome to www.Coaching123.in > one stop destination for govt jobs coaching. In the previous RRB Railways class we have discussed some RRB Railway Group D Previous year Questions answers SET 1. 

If you have missed the CLASS, then you can read it here SET 1 - click here. Here in this class we will be discussing SET 2 RRB Railway Group D previous paper. 

So, let's start the class. All questions discussed here are based on new RRB Railways pattern. You can make notes, or you can bookmark our website www.Coaching123.in for future reading!

RRB Railway Group D Previous year Questions SET 2

Q. Satvahana dynasty was founded by ?

a. yagnasari
b. hala
c. simuka
d. none of the above

Ans. c

Q. Undisturbed objects when stay at rest or keep moving with the same velocity; this phenomenon is called ?

a. force
b. velocity
c. inertia
d. momentum

Ans. c

Q. Which metal does not react with hot or cold water ?

a. potassium
b. sodium
c. aluminium
d. calcium

Ans. c

Q. 994 x 1006 is equal to

a. 999664
b. 999644
c. 996644
d. 999964

Ans. d

Q. Select the related word and fill the question mark from the options -

Hirakud : Mahanadi :: Tehri dam : ?

a. bhagirathi
b. damodar
c. yamuna
d. son

Ans. a
> As Hirakud dam is on Mahanadi, as the same Tehri dam is on Bhagirathi dam

Q. Select the related letters and fill the blank

LG : WM :: DC : ?

a. IJ
b. GE
c. EF
d. LI

Ans. b

Q. Choose the option which is odd

a. Mohammad azharuddin
b. Sunil gavaskar
c. Virat kohli
d. Dhyan chand

Ans. d
> Dhyan chand is related to hockey and the rest are cricketer

Q. Read the following sequence, and fill the question mark with appropriate option

Constable > Head constable > ? > Inspector

a. superintendent of police
b. deputy superintendent of police
c. assistant commissioned of police
d. Sub-inspector

Ans. d

GK Questions with answers - Railway group D ki tayari

Q. Read the series, and fill the question mark with proper sequence

3, 6, 9, 36, 41, ?

a. 244
b. 225
c. 246
d. 410

Ans. c

Q. Read the following statement and as per the statement choose the appropriate conclusion given

Statement -
1. Some scooters are trucks
2. All trucks are trains

1. Some scooters are trains
2. No truck is a scooter

a. conclusion 1 follows
b. conclusion 2 follows
c. neither 1 nor 2 follows
d. both 1 and 2 follows

Ans. a

Q. Read the following words and arrange them in sequence as they occur in a dictionary

1. collaborate
2. constant
3. correspondence
4. combination

a. 4, 2, 1, 3
b. 3, 2, 4, 1
c. 4, 3, 1, 2
d. 1, 4, 2, 3

Ans. d

Q. In a certain code TAPERECORDER is codded as !#&@^@?%^+@^ ; then how is REPORT will be decodded in the same pattern -

a. ^@&%^!
b. !@%&!^
c. @@^!&!
d. &&^!%@

Ans. a

Q. Sunil travels 25 km towards the west and then turns 90 degree to his left and travels another 4 km. Then he turns left and covers 25 km. In which direction is he now from his starting point

a. south
b. north
c. west
d. south-east

Ans. a

Q. Introducing a girl, Ramesh says "She is the daughter of the daughter of my wife". How is Ramesh related to the girl

a. maternal uncle
b. maternal grandfather
c. son
d. daughter

Ans. b

Q. Diabetes disease is caused by

a. malfunction of liver
b. excess of insulin
c. higher production of billrubin
d. low production of insulin

Ans. d

Q. Tectona grandis Linn is the Scientific name of which of the following

a. Teak
b. Amla
c. Chiku
d. Guava

Ans. a

Q. Which is present in the nucleus of Atom

a. neutrons and electrons
b. protons and neutrons
c. neutrons, protons, electrons
d. electrons and protons

Ans. b

General knowledge Questions answers - Railway group D

Q. Baking soda chemical name is

a. sodium isolate
b. sodium bicarbonate
c. aluminium sulphate
d. aluminium bicarbonate

Ans. b

Q. Where is Elephanta caves is located

a. sikkim
b. maharashtra
c. odisha
d. rajasthan

Ans. b

Q. Which of the following is the classical dance of North india

a. kathakali
b. kathak
c. kuchipudi
d. bharatnatyam

Ans. b

Q. The value of Total produced goods and services in a country is

a. total goods revenue
b. gross domestic product
c. total income
d. gross revenue income

Ans. b

Q. Rukmini devi Arundale is associated with which dance form

a. Kuchipudi
b. Kathak
c. Bhangra
d. Bharatnatyam

Ans. d

GK Questions answers - Railways Group D Govt jobs preparation 

Q. Which of the following state does not share any common border with Haryana

a. uttar pradesh
b. madhya pradesh
c. rajasthan
d. himachal pradesh

Ans. b

Q. Which planet is also called as Dwarf planet

a. Mercury
b. pluto
c. saturn
d. jupiter

Ans. b

Q. Who is the founder of Brahmo samaj

a. sardar vallabh bhai patel
b. raja ram mohan roy
c. rabindra nath tagore
d. subhash chandra bose

Ans. b

Q. Who among the following won the best actor in the 1st filmfare awards

a. rajesh khanna
b. dilip kumar
c. amitabh bachchan
d. dev anand

Ans. b

Q. Which of the following is a scalar quantity

a. impulse
b. weight
c. acceleration
d. young's modulus

Ans. d

Q. Which of the following is a liquid at room temperature

a. sodium
b. phosphorus
c. aluminium
d. mercury

Ans. d

Q. How many time a person can serve as a Prime minister of India

a. 7 times
b. 5 times
c. 3 times
d. no limit

Ans. d

Q. Deepika kumari is associated with which sports

a. wrestling
b. archery
c. boxing
d. swimming

Ans. b

Q. The Arthashahstra was written by whom

a. harsha vardhana
b. chanakya
c. vatsyayana
d. kalidasa

Ans. b

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