RPF Constable Previous Year question | RPF syllabus, exam pattern

RPF Constable Previous Year question , RPF Constable syllabus and exam pattern

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* RPF Constable exam syllabus and exam pattern

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The RPF (Railways protection force) exam is conducted by the Indian Railways. This year the vacancy is for both males and females. To qualify the exam, a candidate has to pass 2 stages > the written and physical test. After that the candidate has to go through the document verification.

RPF Constable exam pattern

The exam pattern is based on 3 stages -

1. Computer based test

2. Physical test and measurement

3. Document verification

RPF Constable exam syllabus

The exam will cover the following topics -

1. Maths (Arithmetic)

2. General knowledge or general awareness 

3. General intelligence or Reasoning

RPF Constable Maths Arithmetic syllabus

* The Number systems
* Whole numbers, prime, odd, even
* Decimal, fractions, square roots, cube roots problems 
* Questions on Arithmetical operations
* Percentages problems 
* Ratio and proportion
* Averages
* Interest (Simple interest and compound interest)
* Profit and loss
* Time distance, time train
* Age problems
* Mensuration
* Basic geometry (area, square, rectangle, circle with their properties)

RPF Constable General knowledge syllabus

* Environment, issues, major concerns, pollution 
* Current Affairs (national and international relations, appointments, sports, inventions, books authors)
* Indian History (ancient, medieval, modern)
* Art & Culture (indian dance, festivals, institutes)
* Geography (only indian geography)
* Basic Economics (GST, RBI, bank rate, repo rate, etc.)
* Indian Polity and constitution (indian constitution, fundamental rights, duties, ministers ages, lok sabha, rajya sabha ages, court judges ages, appointments)
* Sports (cricket, hockey, asian games, Olympics, football, sports awards, arjuna award, dronacharya awards, rajiv gandhi khel ratna, etc.)
* General Science (Physics, chemistry, biology)

RPF Constable General intelligence, Reasoning syllabus

* Analogy problems
* Statement conclusion, judgement
* Problem Solving Analysis
* Syllogism
* Coding decoding
* Arithmetic and non verbal series
* Arithmetic reasoning
* Calendar
* Blood relations
* Verbal figure classification

RPF Constable Previous Year question Solved

Q. Which Airport become first airport in the world which fully becomes operational on solar power ?

a. amritsar international airport
b. cochin international airport
c. netaji subhash chandra bose airport
d. lokpriya gopinath bardoli international airport

Ans. b

Q. Virus that infect bacteria are ?

a. Basal body
b. Basidiospores
c. Bacteriophages
d. Basophils

Ans. c

Q. In which of the following process the 'Radioactive uranium dating' method for determining age cannot be used ?

a. Minerals on earth
b. The earth
c. Rocks
d. Fossils, plant bodies

Ans. d

Q. The architecture 'Surkhi' was introduced by ?

a. Kushans
b. Guptas
c. Mughals
d. Sultanate

Ans. d

Q. The phenomenon involved in the absorption of water by soil is ?

a. Condensation
b. Capillary action
c. evaporation
d. Absorption

Ans. b

Q. Which of the following is present in maximum number in Acid rain ?

a. HNO3 (Nitric acid)

b. H2SO4 (Sulfuric acid)

c. HCL (Hydrochloric acid)

d. H2CO3 (Carbonic acid)

Ans. b

Q. The gandhi-Irwin pact was signed in the year ?

a. 1932
b. 1931
c. 1929
d. 1935

Ans. b

Q. Compound which produces Bluish Green colour flame during heating in the presence of Copper is?

a. Benzoic acid
b. Benzaldehyde
c. Chlorobenzene
d. Aniline

Ans. c

Q. The Rath temple in Mahabalipuram was built by ?

a. Chedis
b. chalukyas
c. pallavas
d. cholas

Ans. c

Q. Which pact sought to be resolved the Hindu-Muslim differences ?

a. gandhi-irwin pact
b. lahore pact
c. poona pact
d. lucknow pact

Ans. d

Q. In the absence of both President and vice-president, who operates the function of President ?

a. Attorney general
b. CAG (comptroller and auditor general)
c. Advocate general
d. Chief justice of India

Ans. d

Q. The CAG (Comptroller and auditor general of India) is not responsible for which of the following functions ?

a. Auditing of all government institutions, states and UT (union territory) accounts
b. Issue of money from Consolidated fund
c. making payments to states
d. Regulating reserve bank of India

Ans. d

Q. The ideas of directive principles of the state policy in the Indian constitution is borrowed from which country's constitution ?

a. america
b. ireland
c. australia
d. russia

Ans. b

Q. If X and Y can separately finish a work in 20 days and 15 days respectively. They worked together for 6 days, after which Y was replaced by Z. If the work was finished in next 4 days, then the number of days in which Z alone could do the work is ?

a. 30
b. 50
c. 40
d. 60

Ans. c

Q. A trader lists his article 20% above the CP and allows a discount of 10% on cash payment. His profit percent is /

a. 10%
b. 6%
c. 5%
d. 8%

Ans. d

Q. If a person spends 40% of his income on food, 20% on house rent and 70% of the remaining on children's education, then the percentage of his income left is ?

a. 12%
b. 8%
c. 10%
d. 6%

Ans. a

Q. The radii of the base of a cylinder and a cone are equal and their volumes are also equal. Then the ratio of their heights is ?

a. 1:2
b. 1:4
c. 2:1
d. 1:3

Ans. d

Q. A sum of Rs.M was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 2 years. Had it been put at 3% higher rate, it would have fetched Rs.300 more. The value of 4M is ?

a. Rs.20000
b. Rs.16000
c. Rs.24000
d. Rs.36000

Ans. a

Q. Ramu a mobile businessman, purchases a mobile for Rs.1200 and fixes its list price in such a way that after allowing a discount of 10% he earns a profit of 20%. The list price of the mobile is ?

a. Rs.1400
b. Rs.1200
c. Rs.1800
d. Rs.1600

Ans. d

Q. The average age of a office is 15.8 years. The average age of males in the office is 16.4 years, while that of the females is 15.4 years. The ratio of males to females in the office is ?

a. 3:4
b. 2:3
c. 3:5
d. 1:2

Ans. b

Q. The side of a triangle are 7, 8 and 9 cm. Then the area of the triangle is ?

a. 6√5
b. 12√5
c. 24√5
d. 30√5

Ans. b

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