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Maths Algebra Formulas - Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs competitive exam preparation and coaching. In previous Maths class we have discussed some Maths questions and answers which were previously asked in Govt jobs competitive exams.

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In today's Maths class we are going to discuss some important Algebra Formulas which are common to govt jobs competitive exams. As we all know that Maths is a common subject from where major questions comes in every Govt jobs and competitive exams whether it be SSC, IBPS, Indian railways or any other state or central level exams.

Here in this class you will get -

* List of important Maths Algebra Formulas

* One Maths pdf eBook (which have 1300 Maths formulas) - FREE DOWNLOAD

* Video class on Maths algebra formulas and tricks

Important Maths Algebra Formulas 

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* Maths pdf eBook (which have 1300 Maths formulas) - Click here to download 

Video class on Maths algebra formulas with tricks (play the videos) -

Video class 1


Video class 2


Video class 3


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