English for competitive exams - Error correction, Idioms, One word, Fill in the blanks

English Coaching for Govt Jobs Competitive exam - CLASS 1

English for competitive exams – Welcome to Coaching123.in ! In today’s class we will discuss about General english questions answers related to competitive exams.
As we all know, English is an important part of every competitive exams. This part contains variety of questions like spotting errors, idioms phrases, synonyms, fill in the blanks, etc.
Today in this English for competitive exams class we will cover some of them. So, let’s start!!

English for Competitive exams – Error correction

Find out which part has an error. If there is no error then choose the option [4] no errors
# We saw [1]
sand sculptures [2]
in the beach [3]
no errors [4]
Ans. 2
– it should be ‘the sand sculptures’
# They arrived early [1]
so as they might get [2]
a good discount [3]
no errors [4]
Ans. 2
# Everybody in the office [1]
has left early [2]
haven’t they? [3]
no errors [4]
Ans. 4
# He is [1]
one of the tallest boy [2]
in the class [3]
no errors [4]
Ans. 2
– in place of boy there should be the plural form i.e. boys
– ‘one of the’ always followed by plural forms
# He was awarded [1]
with a doctorate degree [2]
for his new invention [3]
no errors [4]
Ans. 4

English idioms and one word substitutions (previously asked in exams)

1. One who loves his country – patriot
2. One who regards whole world as his own country – cosmopolitan
3. one who is all powerful – almighty / omnipotent
4. One who is fond of war – warmonger / bellicose
5. One who believes total abolition of war – pacifist
6. One who is present everywhere – omnipresent
7. One who believes in fate – fatelist
8. One who knows everything – omniscient
9. One who has narrow religious view – orthodox 
10. Defamation of god – blasphemy
11. One who knows one language – monolingual
12. One who knows two language – bilingual
13. One who knows many languages – Polyglot
14. One who makes scientific study of language – linguist
15. one who eats much – glutton 
16. One who loves food – gourmand
17. one who eat human flesh – cannibals
18. one who eats everything – omnivorous
19. one who eats animal flesh – carnivorous
20. breaks images and idols – iconoclast 
21. plays for money – professional
22. plays for pleasure – amateur
23. walks in sleep – somnambulist
24. talks in sleep – somnolent
25. lives in own country and goes abroad – emigrant
26. comes from another county and lives here – immigrant
27. one who never drinks alcohol – teetotaller [very important]
28. all and sundry – every one
29. all in all – chief or boss
30. apple of discord – matter of dispute, cause of argument
31. all of a sudden – suddenly
32. at a pinch – in case of emergency
33. at a low ebb – below usual condition or below standard
34. at ease – calm and comfortable with particular task
35. at one’s elbow – nearby, close at hand
36. elbow room – enough space
37. at sixes and seven – disorganised, undecided
38. at stake – in danger, at risk
39. at a time – simultaneously
40. at one time – sudden a time, certain time
41. at times – occasionally
42. bad blood – bitter relation 
43. blue blood – noble, aristocrat, royal
44. birds eye view – general view
45. black and blue – hurt emotionally or physically
46. black and white – in written form
47. black sheep – scoundrel
48. blood from the blue – unexpected
49. break the ice – break the awkward silence
50. by dint of – because of something
51. by hook or crook – any how, using any method

English for competitive exams – Now some mixed General english questions answers

Fill in the blanks with appropriate options
1. He knows Hindi and German ………….. Bengali
a. beside
b. besides
c. aside
d. except
Ans. b
2. The work was ………….. by the rains
a. restricted
b. prevented
c. obstructed
d. hampered
Ans. c
3. Meditation is ………………. way to calm your nerves
a. the best
b. a best
c. one of the best
Ans. a
4. President of India called ……………. the president of US
a. in
b. out
c. at
d. on
Ans. d
5. His reputation has been …………… by his foolish acts
a. increased
b. tainted
c. decreased
d. retrieved
Ans. b
Choose the correct meaning of the words from the given options
# Insipid
a. Foolish
b. Dull
c. Sensible
d. Exciting
Ans. b
Fill in the blanks
# They decided to …………….. his number in the yellow pages
a. look at
b. look up
c. look into
Ans. b
# A ………………. person is suffering from an uncontrollable desire to steal
a. Introvert
b. Kleptomaniac
c. Necromaniac
Ans. b
# He hinted …………… some loss treasure
a. with
b. at
c. of
Ans. b
# ……………… fault is easy
a. To begin
b. To find
c. To bury
Ans. b
# A ……………. star was seen in the sky
a. Staring
b. Shining
c. Shooting
Ans. c
Select the correct synonym
# Lucid
a. Solid
b. Clear
c. Opaque
d. Hazy
Ans. b
Select the correct idiom and phrases
# He has the gift of the gab
a. A talent for speaking
b. A good voice
c. Talking humor
Ans. a
# No, one dare call in question his honesty
a. Test
b. Honesty of purpose
c. Challenge
Ans. a
# A person on the verge of death of an illness is
a. sporadically ill
b. seriously ill
c. terminally ill
Ans. b
‘Approval’ may be expressed by the following interjection
a. Hush!
b. Bravo!
c. Hurrah!
Ans. b
‘Puts one in mind’ means
a. Reminds
b. Received
c. Decided
Ans. a

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