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Bihar Police Constable Syllabus | Previous year Questions Answers

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus - bihar police Previous year Questions Answers

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus | Bihar police constable Previous year Questions Answers :-

Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs news and coaching ! Here in today's class we are going to discuss Bihar Police Constable Syllabus and Bihar police constable Previous year Questions Answers.

Hope this class will help those aspirants who are preparing for Bihar police constable. For better result you can make personal notes or you can bookmark our website for future reading !

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus - English 

* Notes preparing and summary writing of a given passage
* Unseen Comprehension, imaginative passage
* Tales, Short Stories, Short Plays, poems
* Essays, precis
* Various registers of English
* Translation (Mother Tongue to English)

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus - Maths

* Relation & Function
* Maths Logic
* Algebra
* Composite numbers, prime numbers
* Quadratic equations
* Sequence series
* Binomial theorem
* Trigonometry
* Geometry
* Profit loss
* Time work, train time distance
* Average, percentage

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus - General knowledge GK

Geography -

* Physical, economic geography
* Earth, climate, hydrosphere, biosphere
* environment, soil, crops, industries
* transport system, human settlement, drainage system
* population, resources, development
* natural hazards

Political science / constitution -

* constitution, preamble, assembly
* fundamental rights, duties
* union cabinet, executives
* parliament
* state legislature, state executive
* local self government (special reference to Bihar state)
* Indian foreign policy

History -

* ancient, medieval history, modern history, indian national movement
* culture, economy, mauryan period, gupta period
* The sultanate
* Indo-islamic culture
* Bhakti movement, sufi movement
* 1857 revolt
* Partition and independence

Bihar Police Constable Syllabus also covers -

* Science and technology including physics, chemistry and maths 10th level

* Current affairs (national and state level)

Bihar Police constable Previous year questions answers from Previous paper

Q. Jai jawan, jai kisan slogan given by -

a. jawahar lal nehru
b. indira gandhi
c. lal bahadur shastri
d. mahatma gandhi

Ans. c

Q. From the following, whom did the people of Indus Valley civilisation worshipped ?

a. indra
b. brahma
c. pashupati
d. vishnu

Ans. c

Q. Ashoka is related to which dynasty ?

a. mauryan
b. haryanka 
c. gupta
d. none of these

Ans. a

Q. Rajasthan canel takes water from which of the following rivers ?

a. sutlej
b. yamuna
c. ravi
d. ghaghara 

Ans. a

Q. In which river is the Mettur dam is situated ?

a. Krishna
b. cauvery
c. narmada
d. mahanadi

Ans. b
> Mettur dam is situated in Tamilnadu

Q. International women's day is celebrated on ?

a. may 27
b. march 8
c. april 7
d. january 9

Ans. b

Q. Insulin is responsible for controlling the metabolism of ?

a. fats
b. salts
c. sugars
d. proteins

Ans. c

Q. Sariska bird sanctuary is located in ?

a. haryana
b. gujarat
c. rajasthan
d. madhya pradesh

Ans. c

Q. A mixed economy means ?

a. Present of both agriculture and industrial sectors
b. Present of large scale business and small scale business
c. Existence of private and public sectors
d. Existence of private banks and regional rural banks

Ans. c

Q. The Loktak lake is situated in which state ?

a. mizoram
b. manipur
c. sikkim
d. tripura

Ans. b

Q. Which disease is not prevented by vaccination ?

a. smallpox
b. polio
c. diabetes
d. whooping cough

Ans. b

Q. Who has composed Ain-e-akbari ?

a. birbal
b. abul fazal
c. farista
d. ibn batuta

Ans. b

Q. Who had introduced 'Doctrine of lapse' ?

a. Rippon
b. lytton
c. dalhousie
d. canning

Ans. c

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