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SSC CPO previous year papers | SSC CPO Question paper - SET 1

SSC CPO previous year papers - ssc cpo Questions answers

SSC CPO previous year papers - Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs coaching. Today in this class we are going to discuss some SSC CPO (Central Police Organization) previous year questions answers.

As we all know that the SSC CPO (central police organization) exam is conducted by the SSC (staff selection commission) board for its different designations/posts like - SSC CPO SI, Sub inspector in Delhi police, Assistant sub inspector in CISF, Central armed police forces (CAPFs).

The SSC CPO exam consists of majorly 4 papers -

* Maths

* Reasoning

* English

* GK

So, let's discuss here some previous questions answers related to SSC CPO exam. For better results you can make notes or you can bookmark our website for future reading !

SSC CPO previous year papers | Questions and answers

Q. From the following options select the related word pair ?

a. Force:Pascal
b. Pressure:Newton
c. Work:Joule
d. Resistance:Mho

Ans. c

Q. From the following options select the related letters which will fit the question mark -


Ans. c

Q. From the following options select the related option which will fit the question mark ?
101 : 10201 :: 107 : ?

a. 10749
b. 10707
c. 11407
d. 11449

Ans. d

Q. From the following options select the odd word out ?

a. Leopard
b. Lion
c. Snake
d. Tiger

Ans. c

Q. From the following options select the odd letters -

a. NPR
b. TVW
c. KMO
d. FHJ

Ans. b

Q. In the following options, select the odd number

1) 69
2) 59
3) 61
4) 53

Ans. 1

Q. Arrange the words in the sequence as they occur in the dictionary. Choose the correct sequence from the option -

1. Ropped
2. Roster
3. Roasted
4. Road
5. Roller

a) 35412
b) 45312
c) 34512
d) 43512 

Ans. d

Q. Select the correct option and complete the question mark ?

a. EFI
b. DFI
c. EGI
d. EFG

Ans. a

Q. From the options, select the correct one to fill in the question mark -
2, 5, 12, 27, ?

a. 56
b. 53
c. 58
d. 57

Ans. c

Q. If 'P 3 Q' means 'P is daughter of Q', 'P 5 Q' means 'P is father of Q', 'P 7 Q' means 'P is mother of Q' and 'P 9 Q' means 'P is sister of Q', then how is J related
to K in "J 3 L 9 N 3 O 5 K" ?

a. mother
b. niece
c. daughter
d. wife

Ans. b

Q. Sunita got engaged 10 years ago. Sunita's present age is 5/3 of her age at the time of engagement. If the present age of Sunita's mother is twice that of
present age of Sunita, then what was her mother's age (in years) at the time of her engagement?

a. 40 years
b. 50 years
c. 60 years
d. 45 years

Ans. a

Q. From the following options, select the option which cannot be formed using the letters of the word -

a. sense
b. fuels
c. useful
d. fullness

Ans. d

Q. In a code language; if BAD is written as 7, SAP is written as 9 then BAN will be written as ?

a. 3
b. 8
c. 4
d. 6

Ans. b

Q. In the following question, solve the equation by interchanging the signs in given options -

a. x and -
b. + and -
c. ÷ and +
d. x and ÷

Ans. d 

Q. Read the statement and choose the appropriate conclusion from the options which logically follows the given statements -

Statements :
> Some pens are pencils
> All pencils are erasers

Conclusions :
1. Some pens are erasers
2. No pens are erasers
3. Some erasers are pencils

Now choose the correct option conclusions which logically fits the statements -
a. Only conclusion 1 follows
b. Only conclusion 1 and 2 follows
c. Only conclusion 1 and 3 follows
d. No conclusion follows

Ans. c

Q. The rate at which RBI borrows money from commercial banks ?

a. Repo rate
b. Bank rate
c. Reverse repo rate
d. Statutory liquidity rate

Ans. c

Q. Minimum age required to be a vice president of India ?

a. 35 years
b. 40 years
c. 30 years
d. 37 years

Ans. a

Q. Which of the following writ of the High court or the supreme court is issued to restrain a person from holding a public office which he is not entitled to ?

a. Mandamus
b. Centiorari
c. Quo warranto
d. Prohibition

Ans. c

Q. The son of Chandragupta Maurya ?

a. Ashoka
b. Chandragupta II
c. Binbsara
d. Bindusara

Ans. d

Q. After the Tughlaq dynasty, which dynasty came to power in India ?

a. The mughals
b. The khiljis
c. The guptas
d. The sayyids

Ans. d

Q. Which planet in the solar system is called as the dwarf planet ?

a. Jupiter
b. Earch
c. Pluto
d. Saturn

Ans. c

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