Indian Railways Group D Previous Paper SET 1 - (Maths, GI, GK)

railways group D previous papers - Railways previous questions answers

Indian Railways Group D Previous Paper - Welcome to > One stop destination for government jobs coaching and govt jobs news. In our previous class we have discussed some Railways previous year papers related to all types of Railways exam like RRB ASM, RRB ALP, RRB trains clerk, RRB Group-D and other railways exams.

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In this class we are going to discuss some Indian railways previous papers specially related to Group-D posts. We have discussed here Railways Group-D previous questions and answers. For better result make notes, or you can bookmark our site for future reading!

So, let's start !

Indian Railways Group D Previous Paper SET 1

1. Kinetic energy is equal to -

a. mgh
b. 1/2mv square
c. mv
d. Ma

Ans. b

2. Whos is the owner of IPL team Delhi-Daredevils ?

a. Shilpa shetty
b. Shahrukh khan
c. GMR Group
d. Virender sehwag

Ans. c
> Its an infrastructural company
> GMR group = Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao

3. A metro train travelling at speed of 76km/h crosses a 450 m long platform in 27 sec. What is the lenght of the metro train ?

a. 110 m
b. 130 m
c. 100 m
d. 120 m

Ans. d

4. Find the next sequence of the following ?

Q, N, K, H, ?

a. F
b. C
c. E
d. Z

Ans. c

5. Who among is the fits female, first asian and youngest ever CHRO (chief human resource officer) of UNILEVER company ?

a. Leena nair
b. Indra nooyi
c. Alka banerjee
d. Padmasree warrior

Ans. a

6. SI unit of weight is ?

a. Gram
b. Newton
c. KG
d. Dyne

Ans. b

7. An object is placed onthe principal axis of a convex lens with focul lenght 10 cm. If the distance of the object from the lens is 30 cm. What is the distance of the image formed ?

a. 10 cm
b. 30 cm
c. 20 cm
d. 15 cm

Ans. d

8. Which among the following reproduce both asexually and sexually ?

a. Fungi
b. Amoeba
c. Hydra
d. Algae

Ans. c

9. If FROG is codded as 9268, RANG is coded as 2538 then FORT will be coded as ?

a. 9762
b. 9627
c. 9267
d. 9672

Ans. b

10. The number of diagonals in a PentaDecagon is ?

a. 60
b. 45
c. 30
d. 90

Ans. d

11. Ruhika was born on 5 January 2015, while Sameera was born 553 days later. On which date was Sameera born ?

a. 11 July 2016
b. 10 July 2016
c. 9 July 2016
d. 12 July 2016

Ans. a

12. Before the Champaran satyagraha, the farmers used to follow the "Panchkathiya" system. As per the system they used to plant 5 katthas of land. With which of the following crop they plant their land ?

a. Sugarcane
b. Jute
c. Indigo
d. Cotton

Ans. c

13. Some one rupee, 50 paise & 25 paise coins made up Rs.93.75/- and their numbers are in the proportion of 3:4:5. Find the number of each type of coins ?

a. 46, 58, 75
b. 45, 60, 75
c. 40, 70, 75
d. 30, 60, 75

Ans. b

14. Which of the following is not an allotrope of Carbon ?

a. Graphite
b. Diamond
c. Buckminister Fullerene
d. Carbon dioxide

Ans. d

15. If the angle of incidence on a concave mirror at a point is 30 degree. Then the angle of reflection will be ?

a. 15 degree
b. 90 degree
c. 30 degree
d. 75 degree

Ans. c

16. Find the LCM of 112, 84 and 56 ?

a. 168
b. 420
c. 336
d. 210

Ans. c

17. Which mountain range is called 'Guru shikhar' ?

a. Vindhya range
b. Satpura range
c. Western ghat range
d. Aravali range

Ans. d
> Arbuda mountain, Rajasthan of Aravali range

18. Solve the equation -

24÷(19-9÷3x9) = ?

a. -3
b. -4
c. 6
d. 12

Ans. a

19. At 5% SI per annum a certain Sum yields a total amount of Rs.2790/- at the end of 13/4 years. The sum invested is ?

a. Rs.2550
b. Rs.2350
c. Rs.2400
d. Rs.2600

Ans. c

20. If L stands for + , M stands for - , N stands for x , and P stands for ÷ ; then 8 N 9 L 60 P 3 M 13 = ?

a. 95
b. 103
c. 79
d. 132

Ans. c

21. The interest on Rs.1250/- for 6 yrs at the rate of 4% SI per annum will be ?

a. Rs.300
b. Rs.360
c. Rs.445
d. Rs.600

Ans. a

22. Which Vitamin deficiency causes excessive bleeding ?

a. Vit A
b. Vit K
c. Vit D
d. Vit B

Ans. b

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