NRHM Previous Question Papers - Download - (National rural Health Mission)

NRHM Previous year Question Papers - NRHM syllabus

NRHM (National rural Health Mission) Previous Question Paper with Answer -

Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs preparation and news. In today's class we are going to discuss NRHM (National rural Health Mission) Previous Question Paper with Answer.

NRHM (National rural Health Mission) Syllabus -

* English

* General knowledge

* Reasoning (GI)

* One paper related to subject as per the post like Nurse, health officer, OT Technician, Lab technician

NRHM (National rural Health Mission) Previous Questions with Answers -

Q. For education of Measles, the immunization coverage should be ?

a. 96%
b. 80%
c. 85%
d. 100%

Ans. c

Q. Period of maximum infectivity in Mumps is during the period of

a. Incubation
b. Onset of swelling
c. Prodromal period
d. After swelling appears

Ans. a

Q. Shick test is done in ?

a. Diphtheria
b. Polimyelitis
c. Pertussis
d. Meningitis

Ans. d

Q. Major epidemics of influenza A occur at intervals of ?

a. 2 to 3 years
b. 1 year
c. 10 to 15 years
d. 20 to 25 years

Ans. a

Q. The most common source of infection for diphtheria is ?

a. Sub clinical case
b. Carrier
c. Case
d. All the above

Ans. d

Q. Adjuvant present in DPT vaccine is ?

a. aluminium hydroxide
b. magnesium phosphate
c. zinc phosphate
d. aluminium phosphate

Ans. c

Q. The most severe comlications of DPT are due to ?

a. adjuvant
b. pertussis
c. diphtheira
d. tetanus

Ans. a

Q. The Middle east pilgrims are given a popuar vaccine is ?

a. meningitis
b. influenza
c. yellow fever
d. DPT

Ans. c

Q. Prevalence of T.B. infection  in a community is estimated by ?

a.sputum microscopy
b. tuberculin test
c. chest X ray 12
d. culture

Ans. b

Q. At present day the BCG vaccine is supplied as

a. freeze dried vaccine
b. liquid vaccine
c. None of the above
d. Both a and b options

Ans. a

Q. Source of most polio infections are ?

a. carrier
b. clinical cases
c. sub clinical cases
d. None of the above

Ans. a

Q. During whose period the Indian universities act was passed ?

a. Curzon
b. Clive
c. Hastings
d. Rippon

Ans. d

Q. Where is Rudreswara temple located ?

a. gaya
b. cuttack
c. anamakonda
d. bellampalli

Ans. c

Q. Who is known as the king of snakes as per Indian mytholigies

a. takshaka
b. nagendra
c. pani
d. karkotakudu

Ans. b

Q. Which amendment of the constitution added the words socialist and secular ?

a. 41
b. 42
c. 51
d. 73

Ans. b

Q. Chikungunya is caused by

a. rats
b. mosquitoes
c. chicken
d. pigs

Ans. b

Q. The major route of exports and imports is ?

a. ports
b. airports
c. roads
d. railways

Ans. a

Fill in the blanks with appropriate words -

1. He gave me a ......................... by appearing suddenly in the dark

a. jolt
b. scare
c. dash
d. curse

Ans. b

2. He was punished for the ........................ of his duty

a. criticism
b. percolation
c. immaturity
d. dereliction

Ans. d

Q. In a classroom students are to be trained to love ......................

a. each other
b. one another
c. all others
d. Altogether

Ans. b

Q. Walk properly ................... you should fall

a. lest
b. just
c. must
d. otherwise

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