IB Assistant Previous Year Question Paper with Answers - Intelligence Bureau

IB Assistant Previous Year Question Paper with Answers

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IB Assistant Exam pattern and syllabus -

The IB exam generally consists of the following subjects -

* Quantitative Aptitude

* English Language

* General Awareness

* Logical Reasoning

Here we have discussed some previous IB (intelligence bureau) questions with answers. We have also mentioned here some IB previous year papers download links from where you can download them direct in your mobile or computer.

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IB Assistant Previous Year Question Paper with Answers - Intelligence Bureau

Q. Who wrote 'Hind swaraj' ?

a. Bal gangadhar tilak
b. Maulana azad
c. Mohandas karam chand gandhi
d. Gopal krishna gokhale

Ans. c

Q. Last ruler of the Maurya dynasty ?

a. Pushyamitra
b. Ashoka
c. Brihadratha
d. Bindusara

Ans. c

Q. Which of the following disease is caused by Bacteria?

a. Polio
b. Hepatitis B
c. Typhoid
d. Measles

Ans. c

Q. Where is the headquarter of CHRI (Common wealth human rights initiative) located ?

a. Sydney
b. Paris
c. London
d. New delhi

Ans. d

Q. Where Munshi premchand was born ?

a. Ghaziabad
b. Varanasi
c. Kanpur
d. Arampur

Ans. b

Q. Which neighbouring country is also known as 'Land of the Thunder Dragon' ?

a. Nepal
b. Burma
c. Bhutan
d. Bangladesh

Ans. c

Q. Which Indian cruise missile has the seeker technology ?

a. Prithvi
b. BrahMos
c. Narayan
d. Garuda

Ans. b

Q. The name Pakistan was first coined by ?

a. Maulana azad
b. Mohammad ali jinnah
c. Mohammad iqbal
d. Choudhury Rahmat ali

Ans. d

Q. Rabindranath Tagore rejected his knighthood due to the protest of

a. Rowlatt act
b. Simon commission
c. Cabinet mission plan
d. Jaliawala bagh massacre

Ans. d

Q. Godavari river originates in which state

a. Maharashtra
b. Odisha
c. Madhya pradesh
d. Gujarat

Ans. a

Q. Largest fresh water lake

a. Chilika
b. Wular
c. Dal lake
d. Loktak lake

Ans. b

Q. Right to Education act enacted by the Parliament in the year of ?

a. 2008
b. 2009
c. 2007
d. 2005

Ans. b

Q. The tropic of cancer does not passed through which state ?

a. Tripura
b. Uttar pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Mizoram

Ans. b

Q. Which state has no bicameral legislature ?

a. Karnataka
b. Tamil nadu
c. Jammu and kashmir
d. Uttar pradesh

Ans. b

Q. Who was the chairman of the Union power committee of the Constituent assembly of India?

a. JB Kripalani
b. Dr. Rajendra prasad
c. Jawaharlal nehru
d. Sardar vallabh bhai patel

Ans. b

Q. Which is the 3rd highest peak in Himalayas

a. Mount kanchenjunga
b. Mount makalu
c. Mount lhotse
d. Mount fuji

Ans. a

Q. Where is the Bile produced in humans ?

a. Gall bladder
b. Stomach
c. Liver
d. Pancreas

Ans. a

Q. The national human rights commission set up in India in the year of

a. 1950
b. 1993
c. 2000
d. 1949

Ans. b

Q. The oldest Indian language is

a. Telegu
b. Tamil
c. Bengali
d. Marathi

Ans. b

Q. Who is known as the 'Lady with the lamp'

a. Florence Nightingale
b. Sarojini naidu
c. Annie besant
d. Sonia gandhi

Ans. a


In the following questions, there are 4 parts a, b, c, d. In each question one part has an error. Now you have to find out which sentence structure has an grammatical error. If there is no error then choose the option d.

1. Though there is hourly bus service on this route (a) / a number of people are still suffering (b) / as there is no bus shelter here. (c). No error (d).

Ans. c

2. The boss took strict measures (a) / with a view to ensuring punctuality (b) / on the part of his subordinates (c). No error (d).

Ans. b

3. People prefer to be identified (a) / by their caste community or religion first (b) / rather to be known as Indians first (c). No error (d).

Ans. c

4. Mrs. Desai would rather (a) / spend a quiet evening (b) / than attending a party (c). No error (d).

Ans. c

Choose the opposite word / Antonym -


a. doubtful
b. contradictory
c. impious
d. orthodox

Ans. d


a. libertine
b. cultured
c. sober
d. educated

Ans. b


a. convalescence
b. healing
c. palpitation
d. recouperation

Ans. d


a. impersonate
b. disentangle
c. complicate
d. impose

Ans. b

From the following options choose the correctly spelt word -

1. a. clientale
b. clientele
c. clientelle
d. cleintele

Ans. b

2. a. punctileous
b. punctilious
c. punctillious
d. punctileus

Ans. b

3. a. haemorrage
b. hemorhage
c. hemmorage
d. haemorrhage

Ans. d

Choose the correct Idiom and phrase which best expresses the meaning in each sentence. You have to choose the appropriate meaningful phrase of every BLUE BOLD mark idioms in each sentence -

1. We know that he is the one responsible for the discord but as he is well-connected all we can do is send him to Coventry.

a. transfer him
b. commend him
c. boycott him
d. dismiss him

Ans. c

2. A prime minister cannot ride rough shod over his ministerial colleagues for long.

a. deal unkindly with
b. take for granted
c. be hamhanded with
d. exploit wilfully

Ans. a

3. The say, join the Army to drink life to the less.

a. to have the best of fun and fortune
b. to enjoy a life of drinking and dancing
c. to have a life full of adventures
d. to have the best of life

Ans. d

4. He was down in the mouth as he was defeated in the elections.

a. unable to speak
b. very depressed
c. very angry
d. very confused

Ans. b

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