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Welcome to www.coaching123.in > one stop destination for govt jobs preparation and govt jobs news. In today's class we are going to discuss some Antonyms previously asked in various govt jobs competitive exams.

As we all know antonyms are words which have opposite meaning. Here in this class with every question we have given 4 options. You have to choose the correct antonym. So, let's start the class. For better result make notes.

Antonyms list for Competitive exams and govt jobs –

(a) amuse
(b) welcome
(c) entertain
(d) host
Ans. b
(a) scarce
(b) slim
(c) sparse
(d) lean
Ans. c
(a) prodigious
(b) selfless
(c) extravagant
(d) ostentatious
Ans. c
(a) restore
(b) liberate
(c) exonerate
(d) distract
Ans. b
(a) strife
(b) annoyance
(c) cruelty
(d) mischief
Ans. a
(a) dispute
(b) irritation
(c) separation
(d) confrontation
Ans. d
(a) truth
(b) fact
(c) falsehood
(d) story
Ans. b
(a) pleasingly
(b) willingly
(c) satisfactorily
(d) happily
Ans. b
(a) instruct
(b) induct
(c) conduct
(d) mend 
Ans. d
(a) rejoice
(b) rejuvenate
(c) complain
(d) cry
Ans. a

Previously asked Antonyms List for competitive exams –

(a) love
(b) lust
(c) luck
(d) loss
Ans. a
(a) explanation
(b) challenge
(c) compromise
(d) opposition
Ans. c
(a) dull
(b) dissuade
(c) active
(d) speed
Ans. b
(a) educated
(b) unscholarly
(c) scholarly
(d) possessive
Ans. b
(a) high
(b)  poor
(c) rare
(d) fluent
Ans. b
(a) narrow
(b) international
(c) global
(d) world wide
Ans. c
(a) unerring
(b) reliable
(c) falsehood
(d) trustful
Ans. a
(a) arrogance
(b) appropriate
(c) respectful
(d) modest
Ans. c
(a) refined
(b) charming
(c) smooth
(d) polite
Ans. c
Q20. Ratification
(a) disapproval
(b) disagreeable
(c) denial
(d) disturbing 
Ans. a

Important Antonyms List for competitive exams for practice –

Q21.  OMIT (a) exclude (b) include  (c) undertake  (d) add
Q22.  INTEGRATION (a) unity (b) synthesis (c) linking (d) fragmentation
Q23. MINIATURE (a) Large (b) small (c) heavy (d) least
Q24. EXHAUSTS (a) tires (b) empties (c) invigorates (d) drains
Q25. DISTANT (a) far (b) close (c) imminent (d) along
Q26. TRANSPARENT (a) dear (b) ambiguity (c) opaque (d) crystal
Q27. ENCOUNTERED (a) avoided (b) enriched (c) faced (d) overcome
Q28. HANDY (a) cumbersome  (b) handful (c) unwieldy  (d) heavy
Q29. ELEGANCE (a) pride (b) beauty (c) coarseness (d) vulgarity
Q30. CAPRICIOUS (a) firm (b) fickle (c) indefinite (d) deflan
Q31. EXODUS (a) influx (b) home-coming (c) return (d) restoration
Q32. INQUISITIVE (a) insincere  (b) indifferent  (c) Insensitive  (d) insulting
Q33. CANDID (a) outspoken  (b) frank  (c) devious  (d) disguised
Q34. NADIR (a) modernity (b) zenith  (c) liberty  (d) progress
Q35. CULPABLE (a) dependable  (b) blameless  (c) careless  (d) irresponsible
Q36. FACILITATE (a) help  (b) propagate (c) hinder  (d) reject
Q37. CRITICISE (a) finish (b) recommend (c) commend  (d) request
Q38. CONFORMITY (a) deviation (b) dilution (c) distraction (d) diversion
Q39. AFFIRM (a) refuse (b) negate (c) neglect (d) avoid
Q40. AUTONOMY (a) slavery (b) subordination (c) dependence (d) submissiveness
21 b 22 d 23 a 24 c 25 b 26 c 27 a 28 d 29 d 30 a 31 a 32 b 33 c 34 b 35 b 36 c 37 c 38 a 39 a 40 c

Antonyms list for competitive exams (Memorize them thoroughly)-

arrival – departure
lend – borrow
sparse – populated
giant – dwarf
solitary – populous
slender – stout
caution – recklessness
pedestrian – passenger
antecedent – consequent
apex – base
eager – reluctant
bless – curse
dawn – duck
certain – doubt
venial – unpardonable
rigid – flexible
novice – veteran
industry – sloth
accelerate – retard
appoint – dismiss
benevolent – malevolent
compulsory – voluntary
conceal – reveal
analysis – synthesis
coarse – fine
surplus – deficit
prosperous – indigent
ugly – beautiful
natural – artificial
expand – contract
earth – sea
polite – saucy
victor – vanquished
kind – cruel
hill – valley
summit – base
engage – dismiss
majority – minority
convict – acquit
economy – extravagance
cold – hot
live – die
lead – follow
employ – dismiss
dry – wet
long – short
land – water
confusion – orderliness
predecessor – successor
gaiety – melancholy
condemn – exonerate
apprehend – release
assemble – disperse
heroic – base
ancestor – progeny
motionless – agitated
prudence – indiscretion
colleague – antagonist
liberty – slavery
love – hate
like – dislike
bow – stern
think – guess
question – answer
gay – grave
stationary – moving
work – rest
asleep – awake
rejoice – mourn
dynamic – static
worker – drone
front – back
pleasant – disagreeable
centrifugal – centripetal
familiar – strange
joy – sorrow
success – failure
oriental – occidental
freedom – captivity
begin – cease
harmony – discord
miser – spendthrift
barren – fruitful
find – lose
blessing – curse
sober – intoxicated
sacred – profane
friend – enemy
generous – mean
spacious – limited
virtue – vice
dead – alive
velour – cowardice
future – past
wisdom – folly
busy – idle
bravery – cowardice
abundance – scarcity
polite – rude
sweet – sour
advance – retreat
common – rare
proper – common
bright – dull
arrive – depart
simply – complex
attack – defend
ally – enemy
bashful – bold
appear – vanish
inhale – exhale

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