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Competitive Exam Govt jobs Coaching Class 6 - History and Geography NOTES

Competitive Exam Coaching Class 6 - History geography notes

Online Competitive Exam Coaching Class 6 :- Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs preparation. In the previous CLASS 5 we have discussed some important books with their author names which were previously asked in govt jobs competitive exams. 

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Government jobs, competitive exam coaching CLASS 6 - History and geography Notes with some previous year questions and answers 


Important Indus valley sites with location -

* Harappa - Pakistan
* Kalibangan - Rajasthan
* Mohenjodaro - Sindh, Pak
* Dholavira - Gujarat
* Banawali - Haryana
* Rakhigarhi - Haryana
* Lothal - Gujarat
* Surkotada - Kuthch
* Chanhudaro - Sindh, Pak
* Sutkagendor - Baluchistan province, Pak

Important Indus valley sites with founder -

* Harappa - Dayaram sahni
* Mohenjodaro - Rakhal das banerjee [R D Banerjee]
* Kalibangan - A Ghosh
* Ropar - Y D Sharma
* Lothal - S R Rao
* Dholavira - J P Joshi

16 mahajanapadas with capitals -

Vajjis - Vaishali
Surasena - Mathura
Vatsa - Kaushambai
Panchala - Ahichhatra, Kampilya
Anga - Champa
Asmaka - Paithan, Protishthan
Chedi - Shuktimati
Avanti - Ujjain
Matasya - Virat nagari
Malla - Kushinagar
Magadha - Rajgriha, Girivraj
Gandhara - Taxila
Kamboja - Rajpur
Kashi - Banarus
Kuru - Hastinapur
Kosala - Shravasti

Buddhist councils -

* 1st council - Rajgir [during Ajatshatru period]
* 2nd - Vaishali [during Vaishali period]
* 3rd - Patliputra [during Ashoka period]
* 4th - Kundalvan [during Kanishka period]


Important rivers and their old names -

* Beas - Vipas
* Ravi - Parushni
* Sutlej - Sutudri
* Jhelum - Vitasta
* Kurram - Krumu
* Kabul - Kubha
* Gomati - Gomal
* Chenab - Asikni
* Yamuna - Jamuna
* Ghagghar - Drishdvati
* Swat - Suwastu
* Haro - Arjikiya
* Sohan - Susoma
* Indus - Sindhu

Rivers and their origin -

* Brahmaputra - Tibet [himalaya glacier] [in India through Arunachal pradesh]
* Ganga - Bhagirathi, Uttarakhand [Gangotri glacier]
* Betwa - Vindhya, MP [tributary of Yamuna]
* Gomti - Gomat taal, UP [tributary of Ganga]
* Hugli - WB [tributary of Ganga]
* Yamuna - Yamunotri glacier, Uttarakhand
* Chambal - Madhya pradesh [tributary of Yamuna]
* Kosi - Bihar, near Indo-Nepal border
* Sone - Amarkantak, MP [tributary of Ganga]
* Jhelum - Punjab [tributary of Chenab]
* Kaveri - Talakaveri, Karnataka [western ghats]
* Godavari - Maharashtra
* Ravi - Bara bhangal, HP
* Sutlej - Rakshastal, Tibet [tributary of Indus]
* Gandak [triveni sangam] - Nepal [tributary of Ganga, Indo-Nepal border]
* Ghaghra - Himalaya glacier, Tibet [tributary of Ganga]
* Damodar - Jharkhand [tributary of Hugli]
* Indus - Tibetan plateau [in India through J&K]
* Chenab - Upper himalaya, HP
* Beas - Himalaya, central HP
* Krishna - Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra [western ghats]
* Narmada - Amarkantak, MP
* Mahi - MP
* Tungbhadra - Karnataka [tributary of Krishna]
* Tapti - MP [satpura ranges]

Indian classical dances -

In India there are majorly 8 types of classical dances-

* Bharatnatyam
* Kathakali
* Kathak
* Odissi
* Manipuri
* Kuchipudi
* Mohiniattam
* Sattriya

Let us discuss key points in each dance form -

# From south India, Tamilnadu
# Ancient and most popular Indian dance form
# This dance form evolved by Poniah pillai and brothers, of Tanjore court
# Famous dancers - Sonal man singh, Rukmini devi, Mrinalini sarabhai, Bala saraswathi, Shanta rao, Yamini krishnamurthy

# From Kerala
# It requires entire body performance of the artist's body
# Famous dancers - Ragini devi, Shanta rao, Mrinalini sarabhai, Krishnan nair, Gopinathan

# From north India, UP, Rajasthan
# Narrates radha-krishna story in dance form
# Famous dancers - Sitara devi, Birju maharaj, Gopi krishna, Damyanti joshi

# From Odisha
# Evolved in temples like Venkateshwara, Konark sun temple, Jagannath temple
# Contains Jayadeva's Gita govinda in dance form
# Famous dancers - Mohan mahapatra, Madhvi mudgal, Kalichandra kalicharan patnaik, Samyukta panigrahi, Pankaj charan das

# From Manipur
# Dance form of lord Shiva and Parvati [at first adopted in Manipur]
# During the 16th century Radha Krishna dance form performed
# Performed by both men and women
# This dance form has 3 rasa-leelas > Maha rasa, Vasanta rasa and Kunja rasa
# Famous dancers - Sadhna bose, Charu mathur, Jhaveri sisters, Guru bipin sinha

# From Andhra pradesh
# This dance form evolved by Tirtha narayan and Siddendra yogi
# Famous dancers - Lakshmi narayan shastri, Yamini krishnamurthy, Swapna sundari, Shobha naidu raja, Radha reddy

# South India, Kerala
# Narrates the story of Lord vishnu
# Famous dancers - Ragini devi, Shanta rao, Jayaprabha menon, Sunanda nair

# From Assam
# This dance form narrates mythological stories of Vishnu
# Performed in group of males
# Famous dancers - Ramkrishna thakur, Maniram dutta, Bapuram barbayan atai, Jibeshwar goswami

Common GK questions which were asked in major exams - State and central govt jobs -

1. The non-metal that conducts heat and current is -

a. Boron
b. Silicon
c. Phosphorous
d. Graphite

Ans. d

2. The fourth state of matter is called -

a. Super cooled
b. Solid
c. Viscous
d. Plasma

Ans. d

> Read more about the plasma state - Click here

3. Why pressure cooker cooks rice faster

a. Pressure cooker does not escape the heat energy
b. Pressure cooker escape the steam
c. High pressure raises the boiling point in the cooker

Ans. c

4. Which food is the best source of protein -

a. Fish
b. Milk
c. butter
d. Cheese

Ans. b

5. DRDO full form -

a. Department of defence and research organization
b. Department of research and development organization
c. Defence research and development organization

Ans. c

> To know more about DRDO - Click here

6. The earlier name of Sher shah -

a. Sarafraj khan
b. Farid khan
c. Juna khan

Ans. b

7. The famous novel GODFATHER was by -

a. John Milton
b. Eliot
c. Mario Puzo

Ans. c

8. Koutilya wrote the book -

a. Buddha charit
b. Arthasastra
c. Astha dhyai

Ans. b

> Other name of koutilya = vishnu gupta/Chanakya 

9. A gas which is present in the stratosphere which protects us from harmful ultra-violet radiations -

a. Methane
b. Helium
c. Ozone

Ans. c

10. The animal used in the WWF logo is -

a. Tiger
b. Giant panda
c. Elephant
d. Whale

Ans. b

> WWF full form - World wide fund for nature

11. When the high tide is lower and low tide is higher, then the tide is called -

a. Spring tide
b. Neap tide
c. Mixed tide

Ans. a

12. A body moving uniformly in a circular path has -

a. Constant speed
b. Constant velocity
c. Variable speed

Ans. b

13. Most impure form of natural water is -

a. river wate
b. sea water
d. lake water

Ans. b

> Most pure form - rain water, distilled water

14. The first women PM (prime minister) in the world -

a. Indira gandhi
b. Sarojini naidu
c. Sirimavo bandernayak
d. Margaret thatcher

Ans. c

> In india = Indira gandhi

15. Highest peak in India -

a. Himalaya
b. Mt. everest
c. K2 / Mt. godwin austen

Ans. c

> K2 / Mt. godwin austen also known as Chhogori

16. Indra is the god of -

a. Sun
b. Rain
c. Wind
d. Fire

Ans. b

17. Ecology is the study of -

a. Man and environment
b. Organisms and environment
c. Soil
d. Forest

Ans. b

18. Ornithology is the study of -

a. Soil
b. River
c. Birds
d. Fossil fuels

Ans. c

19. The process in which light energy is converted to chemical energy -

a. Electrolysis
b. Photosynthesis
c. Evaporation

Ans. b

20. Which country is not a member of SAARC

a. Pakistan
b. Nepal
c. Myanmar

Ans. c

21. Himalayan Mountaineering institute is located at

a. Nepal
b. Darjeeling
c. Shimla

Ans. b

22. Depletion of ozone layer in atmosphere is caused by

a. Carbon dioxide
b. Methane gas
c. Chloro fluoro carbon (CFC)

Ans. c

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