Calcutta High Court Group-D Previous Question Paper with answers SET 1

Calcutta High Court Group-D Previous Question Paper SET 1 : Welcome to > one stop destination for government jobs coaching and govt jobs news. Today we are going to discuss Calcutta High Court Group-D Previous Questions and answers SET 1.

The exam is divided into 2 stage -

* Written exam (Objective MCQ)

* Interview

Important topics which will come in the Calcutta High Court Group-D written exam -

* Maths

* General intelligence (Reasoning)

* General knowledge

* English

So, let's discuss some previous year Calcutta high court Group-D questions and answers. For better result you can make notes, or bookmark our website for future reading.

Calcutta High Court Group-D Previous Paper SET 1

1. Where was the 1st high court in India ?

a. Mumbai
b. Calcutta
c. Delhi
d. Guwahati

Ans. b
> It was established in the year 1862 and opened in the year 1872

2. From the following who was not a President of India ?

a. C. Rajagopalachari
b. Rajendra Prasad
c. V.V. Giri
d. N. Sanjeeva reddy

Ans. a

3. If you are coming by the shortest train route from Patna to Howrah, which station will not fall on the way ?

a. Ranchi
b. Mokama
c. Burdwan
d. Jessidih

Ans. a

4. Which among the following state not falls in the North-East of India ?

a. Nagaland
b. Assam
c. Arunachal pradesh
d. Chhattisgarh

Ans. d

5. How many days are there in a regular calendar year ?

a. 364
b. 365
c. 366
d. 368

Ans. b

6. During the British rule, the Sepoy Mutiny belongs to which year ?

a. 1926
b. 1857
c. 1847
d. 1947

Ans. b

7. How many make up 5 dozen ?

a. 72
b. 12
c. 60
d. 120

Ans. c

8. Which among the following river is not connected with Ganga ?

a. Narmada
b. Ghagra
c. Gandak
d. Hooghly

Ans. a

9. A tap pours 100 litre of water in one hour. How many 5 litre buckets can you fill up from the tap in 1/2 hour ?

a. 10
b. 33
c. 15
d. 20

Ans. a

10. Which of the following is a famous building closest to the Calcutta high court ?

a. Victoria memorial
b. Raj bhavan
c. Bidhan sabha
d. Reserve bank

Ans. c

11. Which of the following stadium is not visible from the Calcutta high court ?

a. Netaji indoor stadium
b. Salt lake stadium
c. Kshudiram anushilan kendra
d. Eden gardens

Ans. b

12. The office tenure of President of India is ?

a. 6 years
b. 5 years
c. 10 years
d. 4 years

Ans. b

13. Which among the following university is not in West bengal ?

a. Rabindra bharati
b. Jadavpur
c. Nalanda
d. Viswa bharati

Ans. c

14. Which of the following town in not in West bengal ?

a. Kishenganj
b. Toofanganj
c. Raniganj
d. Raiganj

Ans. a

15. From the following options who has not played for Bengal Ranji trophy cricket team ?

a. Rohan gavaskar
b. Arun lal
c. Amol majumdar
d. Ashok malhotra

Ans. c

16. The terms Bishops and knights are associated with which game ?

a. Ludo
b. Carrom
c. Chess
d. Billiards

Ans. c

17. Ferozshah kotla cricket stadium is located in ?

a. Chandigarh
b. Haryana
c. Delhi
d. Hyderabad

Ans. c

18. Which of the following is not an island ?

a. Lakshwadeep
b. Puducherry
c. Nicobar
d. Sagar

Ans. d

19. Where is the Meenakshi temple situated ?

a. Rameshwaram
b. Dindigul
c. Madurai
d. Coimbatore

Ans. c

20. Capital of Mizoram ?

a. Imphal
b. Aizawl
c. Itanagar
d. Kohima

Ans. b
> Imphal is the capital of Manipur state
> Itanagar is the capital of Arunachal pradesh
> Kohima is the capital of Nagaland

21. Mahatma gandhi was assassinated on which date ?

a. 2 October
b. 30 January
c. 25 December
d. 15 August

Ans. b

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