SSC CGL Previous Papers SET 2 - GK and Maths Solved

SSC CGL Previous questions answers SET 2 - GK and Maths Solved

SSC CGL Previous Papers - Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs coaching and govt jobs news ! In the SSC CGL previous paper SET 1 we have discussed some previous year questions answers and covered questions from Reasoning, Maths and GK. If you have missed the SET 1 then you can read it here - Click here.

In today's class we will discuss the SSC CGL Previous Papers SET 2 and will cover the topics Maths and GK.

This class is also important for other SSC exams like SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC Stenographer, SSC CPO, SSC Constable. So let's start the class !!

SSC CGL Previous Papers SET 2 - GK and Maths Solved

GK general knowledge-

1. Who completed the construction of the Kutub Minar
a. Iltutmish
b. Razia begum
c. Shahjehan
d. Kutubuddin Aibak
Ans. a

2. Who built Red Fort
a. Aurangzeb
b. Akbar
c. Shahjehan
d. Hider Ali
Ans. c

3. The largest port
a. Mumbai
b. Haldia
c. Kolkata
d. Kandla
Ans. a

4. Which ruler started the 1st coins of Gold
a. Babur
b. Iltutmish
c. Jehangir
d. Shahjahen
Ans. b

5. Dinar is the currency of
a. Russia
b. Bangladesh
c. Germany
d. Iraq
Ans. d

6. Who dethroned the Mauryan dynasty
a. Jai singh
b. Vikramaditya
c. Pulkeshin II
d. Pushyamitra sunga
Ans. d

7. To make a rubber strong and more springing we mix
a. Sulphuric acid
b. Petroleum jelly
c. Sulphur
Ans. c

8. Gunpowder contains
a. Sand and TNT
b. Nitrate, sulphur and charcoal
c. Sulphur, sand and charcoal
Ans. b

9. Which metal is mixed with gold to make ornaments
a. Zinc
b. Copper
c. Aluminium
d. Platinum
Ans. b

10. The external layer of skin is called
a. Endodermis
b. Dermis
c. Exidermis
d. Epidermis
Ans. d

11. Which disease spreads fastest
a. Malaria
b. Plague
c. Leprosy
Ans. b

12. We feel thirsty when
a. Osmotic pressure of blood increases
b. Osmotic pressure of blood decreases
c. Partial pressure of oxygen in blood decreases
Ans. b

13. Who laid the foundation of Amritsar ?

a. Guru arjun dev
b. Guru ram das
c. Guru amar das
d. Guru har govind

Ans. b

14. In 1976 the 42nd constitutional amendment added three words in the preamble of constitution. Which are they ?

a. socialist, secular and integrity
b. integrity, republic, democratic
c. socialist, integrity, republic
d. integrity, republic, democratic

Ans. a

15. Which is known as national monument of India ?

a. Raj ghat
b. Red fort
c. India gate
d. Gate of India

Ans. c

16. Which place is called the Manchester of south India ?

a. Thanjavur
b. Coimbatore
c. Madurai
d. Salem

Ans. b


1. The present age of Mohan and Sohan is in the ratio of 4:5. After 12 years this ratio will become 5:6. What will be the age of Mohan after 6 years now
a. 48 yrs
b. 58 yrs
c. 54 yrs
d. 50 yrs
Ans. c

2. In the last election there was a direct confrontation between two candidates in an electoral constituency. One candidate lost by 10000 votes even after getting 40% votes. What was the total number of valid votes
a. 40000
b. 50000
c. 60000
d. 70000
Ans. b

3. If the radius of a circle is decreased by 50% then what will be the percentage decrease in the area
a. 60%
b. 70%
c. 75%
d. 80%
Ans. c

4. A shopkeeper sells his items at cost price but he weighs 950 gm instead of one kg. What is the percentage of profit
a. 5%
b. 5.26%
c. 6.5%
d. 6%
Ans. b

5. A person sells each of his two bicycles for Rs.1980. He earns 10% profit from one and incurs 10% loss from the other. What is the total cost price of both
a. 4000
b. 3600
c. 3800
d. 3900
Ans. a

6. The population of a town increases by 5% every year. If the present population is 9261. What was the population 3 years ago
a. 8500
b. 8000
c. 9000
d. 7500
Ans. b

7. The cost price of 12 articles is equal to the selling price of 10 articles. Find the profit percent
a. 20%
b. 18%
c. 15%
d. 25%
Ans. a

8. A dishonest dealer professes to sell his goods at cost price, but he uses a weight of 900 gm, for the one kg weight. Find his gain percent
a. 11.5%
b. 11.1%
c. 21/2 %
d. 25/2 %
Ans. b

9. Find the sum which becomes Rs.2700/- after 7/2 years at 10% per annum at simple interest
a. Rs.2000
b. Rs.1800
c. Rs.1900
d. Rs.2500
Ans. a

10. The difference between compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum of money at 10% per annum for 2 years is Rs.40. Find the sum
a. Rs.4500
b. Rs.5000
c. Rs.3500
d. Rs.4000
Ans. d

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