Railways RRB ASM Previous Papers - SET 2 - For All Railways Exam

Railways RRB Previous Papers  - Welcome to Coaching123.in ! In the previous RRB Railways class we have discussed previous year RRB railways questions and answers SET 1 which was specially based on GENERAL SCIENCE.

* You can read the SET 1 here - Click here

In today's class we are going to discuss the next SET 2, where we will cover Maths, GI reasoning and GK part.

This class is helpful for Railways exams like -

* RRB Group-D
* RRB ALP (Assistant loco pilot)
* Railways trains clerk, reservation clerk
* Railways other group C and D exams (Technical and non-technical both)

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So, let's start today's class !

RRB railways previous year questions answers SET 2

RRB railways Previous YEAR questions answers - SET 2

1. From the following options, find the missing letters which will fit the question ?

RAMA : MARA :: SITA : ____


Ans. c

2. The function of growth hormones ?

a. Always act as growth inhibitors
b. Always act as growth promoters
c. Sometimes as growth inhibitors and sometimes as growth promotors

Ans. c

3. Choose the least number from the following options which must be added to 435 to make it a perfect square ?

a. 6
b. 8
c. 3
d. 4

Ans. a

4. Pointing at A, B says > "A is the son of the only son of my mother". Then B is related to A ?

a. Brother
b. Father
c. Grandfather
d. Father-in-law

Ans. b

5. Four numbers X,Y,Z,A are such that their overall average is 16. The average of X and Y is 9.5 ; The average of Z and A will be ?

a. 45
b. 22.5
c. 23
d. 21.5

Ans. b

6. Which permanent tissue is responsible to make a plant hard and stiff ?

a. Sclerenchyma
b. Collenchyma
c. Aerenchyma
d. Parenchyma

Ans. a
> Sclerenchyma is a strengthening tissue in plants

7. A Sound with single frequency is called ?

a. Hertz
b. Pitch
c. Note
d. Tone

Ans. d
> Pitch = degree of high and low of sound
> Hertz - a measure of frequency

8. The square root of 6561 ?

a. 89
b. 81
c. 79
d. 77

Ans. b

9. If 15th february 2018 is a Thrusday. On what day will 18th april 2019 fall ?

a. Wednesday
b. Thrusday
c. Saturday
d. Friday

Ans. c

10. The square root of 576 ?

a. 36
b. 24
c. 34
d. 26

Ans. b

11. The salt which is acidic in nature ?

a. Magnesium sulphate
b. Ammonium phosphate
c. Sodium carbonate
d. Sodium acetate

Ans. c

12. The rate of discount on an article whose MP (marked price) is Rs.170 and SP (selling price) is Rs.130/- is ?

a. 24.26 %
b. 22.45 %
c. 23.60 %
d. 23.53 %

Ans. d

13. Read the statement and choose the conclusion from the following -

1> Some carpenters are plumbers.
2> Some plumbers are labourers.

a. Only 1 follows
b. Both 1 and 2 follows
c. Only 2 follows
d. Neither 1 nor 2 follows

Ans. b

14. Pick the odd one out -

a. Alloy
b. Milk
c. Air
d. Water

Ans. d
> Except water others are form of mixtures

15. Solve the equation - 15% of 60 is 45% of ?

a. 30
b. 40
c. 180
d. 20

Ans. d

16. For reproduction in flowers, the essential organs are -

a. Stamen and pistil
b. Sepal and stamen
c. Petal and pistil
d. Sepal and petal

Ans. a

17. In what time will Rs.4400 becomes Rs.4576 at 8% per annum interest compounded half yearly ?

a. 2 years
b. 1 year
c. 6 months
d. 7 months

Ans. c

18. Energy stored in a dry cell is -

a. Nuclear energy
b. Potential energy
c. Chemical energy
d. Kinetic energy

Ans. c

19. Choose the correct options > 1 watt is equal to ?

a. 1 erg/sec
b. 1 m/s
c. 1 joule/sec
d. 1 pascal/sec

Ans. c

20. The credit for classifying the elements on the basis of atomic mass goes to -

a. Johann wolfgang dobereiner
b. D. Mendeleev
c. John dalton
d. John alexander reina newlands

Ans. b

21. Who among the following was not in the 'Nine gems' in Emrepor Akbar's court ?

a. Fakir aziao din
b. Osman ali khan
c. Raja todar mal
d. Abu'l fazl ibn mubarak

Ans. b

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