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Govt Jobs Coaching Class 2 - Wildlife Sanctuaries, UNESCO Heritage sites

Govt Jobs Coaching Class 2 - Welcome to > An educational portal for govt jobs competitive exam coaching. In the previous Class 1 we have discussed about important National parks, Wild life sanctuary, Biosphere reserve, Bird sanctuary names with their locations. 

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In this class, we will be discussing about some important previously asked Wild life sanctuaries and UNESCO world heritage sites. We have also provided special notes in each point. For better result, you can make notes or you can bookmark our website !

Govt Jobs Coaching Class 2 - Wildlife Sanctuaries, UNESCO Heritage sites

Important Wild life sanctuaries in India asked in major govt jobs competitive exams

1. Manas wild life sanctuary - Assam
> Also listed in UNESCO world heritage site
> It is also a tiger reserve, elephant reserve and biosphere reserve
> Famous for - One horn rhino

2. Namdapha wild life sanctuary - Arunachal pradesh
> In terms of area it is also the 3rd largest national park
> Famous for wild buffalo, tiger, elephant

3. Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary - Assam
> Listed in UNESCO world heritage site
> World's 2/3rd 'One horn Rhino' are protected here

4. Gir wildlife sanctuary - Gujarat
> Asiatic lions are protected here

5. Pachmarhi wildlife sanctuary - Madhya pradesh (Satpura range)
> Famous for bear, tiger, deer

6. Kanha wildlife sanctuary - Madhya pradesh
> It is also a tiger reserve

7. Bandipur wildlife sanctuary - Karnataka
> Famous for - tiger, elephants, deer, bison

8. Bandhavgarh wildlife sanctuary - Madhya pradesh
> Famous for deer, leopards, tigers

9. Chandraprabha wildlife sanctuary - Uttar pradesh
> Very important question
> Famous for Panthers, tigers, sloth bear

10. Wild ass sanctuary - Gujarat (Rann of kutchch)
> Famous for wild ass, nilgai, wolf

11. Chilka lake bird sanctuary - Odisha
> Famous for birds like - flamingo, purple moorhen, herons, jacana, White bellied sea eagles, Graylag geese
> Wild animals are also found here - Golden jackals, spotted deer, black buck, hyenas

12. Govind wildlife sanctuary - Uttarakhand
> Also known as Govind pashu vihar national park
> The name has been given on the name of prominent freedom fighter Gobind ballabh pant

13. Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary - Tamil nadu
> It is a tiger reserve

14. Sariska wildlife sanctuary - Rajasthan
> It is a tiger reserve

15. Salim ali national park - J&K

16. Salim ali bird sanctuary - Goa

In competitive exams, few question comes asking the national parks and sanctuaries which are under the UNESCO world heritage site. Here are some important list which may come in exam!

* Important - UNESCO full form (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)

* UNESCO headquarter - Paris, France

This is a very important topic. For better result make notes or bookmark our site !

National parks and Wild life sanctuary under UNESCO world heritage site

1. Kaziranga national park - Assam
> Declared in 1985 as UNESCO world heritage site

2. Manas national park - Assam
> Declared a UNESCO heritage site in 1985
> Declared as tiger reserve in 1974
> Declared as biosphere reserve in 1989

3. Keoladeo ghana national park - Rajasthan
> Also known as Bharatpur bird sanctuary
> Declared as national park in 1982
> Declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 1985

4. Nanda devi national park - Uttarakhand
> Declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 1988

> Its a famous wildlife sanctuary 
> Declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 2016

6. Sundarbans national park - West bengal
> Largest reserves of Bengal tiger
> Declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 1987

7. Great himalayan national park - Himachal pradesh
> Declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 2014

8. Nokrek national park - Meghalaya
> Declared as UNESCO world heritage site in 2009

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