English Spelling Test for Govt Jobs Competitive Exams

English spelling test - Welcome to www.Coaching123.in ! In today's class we are going to learn about the English section. As we all know the English paper section is a crucial PART which comes in every govt jobs competitive exams, whether it be IBPS banking, SSC staff selection commission, CAT management test, or any other state and central govt jobs exam.

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Here we are going to discuss the English spelling test. Here we have discussed some incorrect and correct English words which have come in previous exams. You have to find out the correct spelling of each words, as the incorrect and correct word's spellings are closely related to each other.

So, in the exam you have to be very careful while choosing the correct option in the MCQ as the other options will be closely related to the correct spelling word.

So, let's start! For better result, you can make notes OR you can bookmark our website www.Coaching123.in for future reading!

English spelling test based on previously asked questions

Incorrect - Ideosyncracy
Correct - Idiosyncrasy

Incorrect - Ilusion
Incorrect - Ilussion
Correct - Illusion

Incorrect - Kichen
Correct - Kitchen

Incorrect - Labourious
Correct - Laborious 

Incorrect - Infrinze
Correct - Infringe

Incorrect - Morg
Correct - Morgue 

Incorrect - Noteable
Correct - Notable 

Incorrect - Ofspring
Correct - Offspring

Incorrect - Opec
Correct - Opaque

Incorrect - Peper
Correct - Pepper

Incorrect - Ocassion
Incorrect - Occassion
Correct - Occasion

Incorrect - Imbroglo
Correct - Imbroglio 

Incorrect - Ignominous
Correct - Ignominious

Incorrect - Inpassable 
Correct - Impassable 

Incorrect - Impecable
Correct - Impeccable 

Incorrect - Peper
Correct - Pepper

Incorrect - Impreserio
Correct - Impresario

Incorrect - Inalinable
Correct - Inalienable

Incorrect - Insessant
Correct - Incessant

Incorrect - Incipent
Correct - Incipient

Incorrect - Incredulus
Correct - Incredulous

Incorrect - Incalcate
Correct - Inculcate

Incorrect - Infedality
Correct - Infidelity

Incorrect - Instalment
Correct - Installment

Incorrect - Insurection
Correct - Insurrection

Incorrect - Irreplacable
Correct - Irreplaceable

Incorrect - Itinarery
Correct - Itinerary

Incorrect - jip
Correct - jeep

Incorrect - lando
Correct - landau

Incorrect - laurate
Correct - laureate

Incorrect - lezer
Correct - ledger

Incorrect - longivity
Correct - longevity

Incorrect - magnificient
Correct - magnificent

Incorrect - masculin
Correct - masculine

Incorrect - meesles
Correct - measles

Incorrect - mussle
Correct - muscle

Incorrect - occurence
Correct - occurrence

Incorrect - pavillion
Correct - pavilion

Incorrect - personel
Correct - personnel

Incorrect - possees
Correct - possess

Incorrect - presedent
Correct - precedent

Incorrect - programe
Correct - programme

Incorrect - cigarete
Correct - cigarettee

Incorrect - persue
Correct - pursue

Incorrect - queu
Correct - queue

Incorrect - questionaire
Correct - questionnaire

Incorrect - quotent
Correct - quotient

Incorrect - releve
Correct - relieve

Incorrect - reminisent
Correct - reminiscent

Incorrect - repudate
Correct - repudiate

Incorrect - restorant
Correct - restaurant

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